Sales Enablement Resources For Staffing Industry Leaders

Seven Keys to More Effective, Efficient Recruiter Onboarding

Seven Keys to More Effective, Efficient Recruiter Onboarding

Modernize Your Recruiter Onboarding Program to Grow Your Business and Retain Your Employees

The past few years have seen learning technology and practices advance by leaps and bounds. Yet most staffing and recruiting firms continue to rely on outdated recruiter onboarding methods that rarely produce business results or move the revenue needle. If your recruiter onboarding process is stuck in the past, it’s time to evolve. Download our eBook and discover how you can transform your staffing firm’s new recruiter onboarding program into an organizational capability that drives revenue growth and fosters employee retention

The staffing leaders guide to sales enablement

A Roadmap for L&D Leaders to Get a Seat at the Executive Roundtable 

Transform your training department from tactical support function to strategic discipline  

Learn to build a world class sales enablement discipline that is sustainable, repeatable and scalable and has a quantifiable impact on sales and recruiting performance and your revenue growth. Measure the value your training and enablement programs bring to your organization to ensure your voice is heard at the executive roundtable.

Top Sales Prospecting Techniques That Book More Sales Meetings

Top Sales Prospecting Techniques That Book More Sales Meetings 

A guide to enabling sales professionals with the skills and knowledge to book more sales meetings 

While everyone agrees on the importance of sales prospecting, very few excel at it. Only 19% 400 of U.S.-based executive buyers believe their time spent with salespeople is valuable. There is a fundamental disconnect between the approach sellers take to prospecting and the buying experience customers seek. In the age of the empowered buyer, salespeople can only be successful by engaging customers in their context. This eBook was written to bridge the gap and enable sales professionals with the skills and knowledge to convert sales prospecting calls into sales meetings.

The Definitive Guide to Tracking and Measuring Sales Training ROI

The Definitive Guide to Tracking and Measuring Sales Training ROI

The ability to track and measure sales and recruiter training ROI is the holy grail for L&D and Enablement leaders.   This guide provides the framework for building your sales and recruiter training business case including how to track, measure and demonstrate a quantifiable ROI and gain executive level buy-in.  It also enables you to position your role and your function more effectively as a strategic adviser recognized for impacting revenue growth. 

The Menemsha Group Sales Enablement Implementation Strategy Guide

How Menemsha Group Implements Sales Enablement Programs  

A guide for to achieving timely business outcomes and financial returns

The ebook provides an inside view of how we deploy enablement and training programs to ensure quick, quantifiable results.  You will learn:

  • How to engage leaders to weigh-in so they buy-in to your enablement and training programs
  • How to mitigate risk and accelerate the pace of change 
  • The RACI model for improved collaboration
  • Defining what success looks like (metrics, leading and lagging)
Making Successful Sales Onboarding Repeatable and Predictable

Making Successful Sales Onboarding Repeatable and Predictable

We’ve designed hundreds of sales onboarding programs and trained thousands of IT staffing sellers and recruiters. Learn from our experience by following our best practices for designing, structuring, and sequencing sales new hire programs and accelerate new hire time to quota attainment. Start making your sales new hires successful today by downloading our eBook.

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The Benefits of Online Sales Training

Explore the key benefits to online sales training including its value over instructor led classroom training. The intention is to help staffing professionals identify ways in which they can improve their sales onboarding and sales training program, and determine whether or not online sales training is a fit for their organization.

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Your Guide to Mastering Consultative Selling

A step by step guide for staffing industry sales professionals to master consultative selling

With consultative selling the customer’s needs are the focal point of the conversation, not the salesperson’s personal goal or agenda or his or her service offerings or their candidate.

Executing the Candidate Interview, Five Pillars to Effective Candidate Qualification

Executing The Candidate Interview, Five Pillars to Effective Candidate Qualification

A guide for recruiting professionals for qualifying, interviewing and closing candidates. Learn how and why recruiters must learn to qualify the candidate's:

  • Current Situation
  • Relevant Work Experience and Skills
  • Pay Rate and Salary Expectations
  • Compelling Event and Motivators
  • Decision Making Process


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The Definitive Guide to Building a Buyer Aligned Sales Process

A step by step guide for staffing industry CEOs and sales leaders.

Achieving scalable growth or “scalability” requires staffing firms to develop internal organizational systems including a buyer aligned sales process.

Accelerate new hire on-boarding

Blueprint For Accelerating Onboarding

Every staffing company has to do it but only a select few do it well. The Sales Management Association found that after new hire sales on-boarding is complete, 1/3 of reps still lack proficiency in key selling skills.

That’s a LOT of wasted training dollars. At best, this leads to slow ramp up times for new hires. What this most often leads to however is  revolving door syndrome. How do you break this viscous cycle and on-board recruiters and sales reps in a way that actually works? Our exclusive eBook provides the blueprint for accelerating new hire time to quota attainment.  

Five Ways Fastest IT Staffing Companies Accelerate Growth

Five Ways The Fastest Growing IT Staffing Firms Accelerate Growth

No matter how you performed last year, if you’re like most staffing organizations, you plan and expect your revenue and profitability numbers to improve. The first question you need to consider is – how do you plan to grow your staffing company this year? Having worked with hundreds of IT staffing firms including many of the fastest growing firms in North America, we’ve studied first hand how these organizations accelerate, manage and plan for growth.

Download our eBook and:

  • Compare and contrast your business with top performers
  • Discovery ways in which you can grow your company
  • Remove roadblocks and accelerate growth
Ultimate IT staffing training solution. Menemsha Group breeds top performers

The Ultimate IT Staffing Training Solution

An inside view of how Menemsha Group consistently breeds top performers

Effectively on-boarding new hires is a challenging task that requires strategic thinking, proper planning, exceptional content and change management including a plan to drive and sustain user adoption. Learn how Menemsha Group training is unlike any other training program you have ever experienced including how we:

  • Create & organize training content & course curriculum
  • Why learners find our content engaging and fun!
  • Consistently turn sales reps and recruiters into top performers
Your 6 big questions about Sales Methodology answered.

Sales Methodology 101 for IT Staffing Firms: Your 6 Big Questions Answered

Is your IT staffing firm:
  • Relying too much on one or two reps for most of your revenue?
  • Failing to replicate your sales successes?
  • Struggling to expand into new geographic regions?

IT staffing is a fast growing, multi-billion dollar industry. To take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity to grow in 2016, your firm needs a well-defined sales methodology.

How can you empower your IT staffing sales team with a winning sales methodology? All your questions are answered in our latest free ebook, "Sales Methodology 101 for IT Staffing Firms."

Get the ebook and help your sales training stick!

 Cold Calling Tips & Best Practices 2.0

No matter how strong your pipeline is, chances are that every IT staffing company is going to have to do some cold calls at some point. At Menemsha Group, we call that opportunity; it's your opportunity to reach new people with the solutions you can provide, solve their problems, and make their lives better. And that starts with nailing the cold call. 

Learn how to nail your cold calls with our free guide. You'll learn:

  • How to set your goals for a call and why mindset matters.
  • How to do less selling on cold calls.
  • How to disarm prospects quickly and overcome their objections.
  • How to get additional conversations by building trust.
Get the ebook and start closing more deals today!

Why Menemsha Group's Prospecting & New Account Development Methodology Reigns Supreme

What if you could optimize your sales rep’s work routine to ensure they were prospecting effectively, and consistently finding and closing new accounts? Our methodology maximizes your reps’ time, turning average salespeople into top performers.

Read this new guide on Menemsha Group's sales methodology to learn:

  • How and why you need to have a clearly defined target market.
  • How and why you must score your leads.
  • How to set call objectives.
  • How and why you need to create a sales call plan (and track and measure completion).
  • How to demonstrate value and create a memorable experience for your prospects.
  • How to apply metrics to track and improve your prospecting effectiveness.
  • What buyer personas are, why they are so important, and why they are the key to successful prospecting for IT staffing sales professionals.
Get the ebook and start closing more deals today!

5 Ways to Drastically Overhaul Your Sales Training Program and Boost ROI

The Corporate Executive Board has discovered that strong onboarding and consistent training can boost performance by 19%. Want to better train your reps and boost your bottom line? 

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • The four mistakes that IT staffing companies make in sales training.
  • The five steps to overhaul your sales training program to seriously boost performance and ROI.
  • How to make those changes stick, now and forever.
Get the ebook and help your sales training stick!

Sales Training That Sticks: Three Ways Menemsha Group Helps IT Staffing Firms Train Better, Sell More, and Grow

How do you create an effective sales training program that has 100 percent long-term adoption and that helps your reps (new and old) close more deals faster? Menemsha Group has helped 300+ IT staffing firms and we've learned a thing or three. 

Read this and learn:

  • The methodologies that Menemsha Group uses to build effective sales training that sticks.
  • How change management theory can help get your employee on board.
  • The key metrics you need to track to understand if your sales training is working.
Don't miss another opportunity and potentially waste thousands of dollars because your training and sales methodology doesn't turn your sales reps into rock stars.  Download our free ebook today.
Watch How to Turn Managers Into Elite Coaches

Watch This Webinar: How to Turn Managers Into Elite Coaches

If you are a CEO, business owner, staffing industry consultant, sales or recruiting manager or aspiring to lead a group then this webinar will be extremely valuable for you.

On this webinar you will learn:

  • How to transition from manager and Chief Problem Solver to that of a Coach.
  • A Six Step Coaching Framework that Top Performing Managers follow to deliver Elite Coaching.
  • A unique way in which to Empower and get Real Buy In From Your Sales Reps and Recruiters in which they will Hold Themselves Accountable.  
  • How to Reallocate Your Time from counterproductive “management tasks” to coaching that drastically Improves Sales & Recruiting Effectiveness and Results
webinar building a scalable sales organization

Watch This Webinar: 6 Strategies to Scaling Your Sales Organization 

Watch this webinar and learn how to build a replicable business that can not only run itself without the top leader or top performer being present, but can continue flourish. This webinar will show you the key strategies and "routines" that you must develop and execute consistentlly in order to scale your IT staffing business and achieve sustainable, long term growth.

the sales leaders guide to sales effectiveness and sales readiness

The Sales Leader's Guide to Assessing Sales Team Effectiveness

Is your sales forecast unpredicatable? Is having predictable revenue a "pipe dream?" Do your sales reps tend to want to jump to the end of the sales cycle? The Sales Leader's Guide to Assessing Sales Team Effectiveness and readiness eBook is a 6 page guide that highlights how a sales process improves sales performance, the benefits of implementing a sales process and an assessment worksheet for you to assess your current sales process and plot your sales process improvement road map. 

menemsha group case study creation template

Case Study Creation Template

Struggling to earn the trust of potential new customers? Before you can expect them to open up their wallets, you need to start by demonstrating your ability to deliver on what your service promises. You can give your prosects cheap lip service or you can demonstrate your value by following our case study creation template.

Get the IT Staffing Job Order Playbook

IT Staffing Job Order Playbook

Ever wonder how top performers seem to close such a high % of their job orders?  And doesn't it seem like the recruiters are always pumped to be working on their job orders? Well, Menemsha Group is going to share with you exactly what it is that top performers do when taking and qualifying IT staffing job orders. This playbook will walk you through step by step what you need to do to effectively qualify your opportunities and differentiate yourself from the competition. Follow this playbook and your recruiters will be linning up to work your job orders and "A" player candidates will be dying to interview with your clients.

How to Create a Coaching Culture

How to Create a Coaching Culture

Sales coaching is the most under utilized and misunderstood management tool in the sales manager's tool box. Yet research shows that sales coaching can actually boost sales performance by as much as 19%. But how?  Read this exclusive white paper and learn how you can improve sales performance and create a coaching culture within your organization

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WEBINAR: Five Attributes of Top Performing Sales Teams

Wondering how your sales team ranks against best in class sales organizations?  Watch this FREE webinar and find out. You will also learn how to to build a best in class sales organization and see what sets top performers apart.

Sales Tips for Staffing

WEBINAR: Sales Tips for Staffing: Cold Calling Best Practices and Voice Mail Strategies

 According to Forrester Research's Buyers Insight study, only 13% of corporate buyers believe that a sales person can demonstrate they understand their business issues and co-create a solution. No wonder cold calling is so darn difficult!  

Access this FREE sales training webinar with Menemsha Group and DiscoverOrg on Cold Calling & Voice Mail Strategies to learn the top sales tips for staffing. 


7 Steps For Turning New Hires into Powerhouses (in collaboration with Bullhorn)

You cannot make someone with zero sales experience an all-star overnight. He or she may have more innate ability than anyone who has ever walked the earth, but without the right combination of training, knowledge, and guidance from you, the person won't generate revenue. So what does it take to transform a hesitant newbie into a quota-busting superstar? Find out.

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5 Common Attributes of Rainmakers & How to Hire Them

Hiring top performing sales people is no easy task. Read this ebook and learn why so many get it wrong. Learn how and why you're first task in hiring top performing sales people begins with creating your hiring profile.  Then, learn the 5 common attributes among rainmakers and how you can identify them in your search and interview process.

Sales Planning Guide: Maximize Your Sales Results

Maximize your sales results with our sales planning guide. Use our guide to develop and execute your sales goals.  Our guide will help you get organized, focus on the right sales activities and evaluate what it will take for you to hit your sales goals.

Seven Awesome Tips for Sales Training

Seven Awesome Tips for Reinforcing Sales Training

A sales training reinforcement or user adoption plan highlights the specific tasks and events that occur after the implementation and training to reinforce and drive the new desired behaviors. The plan details the content, the cadence or frequency and the event leader. This reinforcement schedule must involve the entire organization and it should include a variety of activities. This eBook covers 7 important tips for an impactful plan.


Sales Pipeline Analysis: Diagnosis, Coach, Monitor

To successfully lead any sales team, sales managers must be able to analyze the overall health and predictability of the individual and team pipeline.  In effect, sales managers must be like physicians where they can quickly and accurately diagnose conditions to provide a “clean bill of health” or develop the prognosis and provide the subsequent sales coaching where job orders/opportunities are stalling. Read our white paper and learn the best practices for evaluating and coaching your sales pipeline.

Improve Win Rates with Sales Playbooks

Improve Win Rates With Sales Playbooks

A recent CSO Insights study reported that the number one objective for Chief Sales Officers is to improve sales effectiveness and the key enabler to improving sales effectiveness is sales playbooks.  Read this white paper and learn what sales playbooks are, how to design them and where and when to utilize them.  Sales managers will also learn how sales playbooks can improve their sales coaching and deliver consistent sales results.

Six Reasons Why Sales Training Fails

Six Reasons Why Sales Training Fails. 

Read a story about how one IT professional services organization went about sales training. The sales team liked the speaker, felt the content and sales strategies were relevant, and the training workshops were fun, entertaining and educational. But the implementation floundered.  Why?  Read this story and learn the six common mistakes for why sales training fails. 


Boosting Sales Performance

Boosting Sales Performance: Why You Need a Sales Process

CRM and ATS technology has become a driving force behind management within the IT staffing industry.  Most CRM/ATS tools come with pre-packaged default lead and opportunity stages and default fields for the sales cycle. When leveraged properly, these software packages equip staffing firms with insightful  data to run their business more effeciently at a higher profit margin.  So why is it that most IT staffing firms still lack a consisent sales process where all sales reps follow a consistent process?   

Attract & Engage Coveted Prospects with Killer Content

Attract & Engage Coveted Prospects with Killer Content

Selling in today’s IT staffing market requires more than elbow grease and good selling skills. Creating killer content and speaking the language of your customer is crucial for building credibility.  And when you establish credibilit your prospects instill confidence in you.

Five Dangerous Trends Impacting IT Staffing Firms

Five Dangerous Trends Impacting IT Staffing Firms & Recommendations For Action

Gain invaluable insight into the key trends impacting IT staffing and professional services firms and how they will impact your business.  Gain perspective on what actions you can take today to not only survive but thrive in today's IT staffing market.

Building Impactful Value Proposition Playbook

Building Impactful Value Proposition Playbook

Are you struggling to get client call backs? Finding it difficult to land face-to-face meetings with IT executives? Most likely it's because your message is weak.  Lean how to build an impactful value proposition with our playbook and get more client call backs and land more meetings.

Running Face-to-Face Sales Meetings Playbook

Running Face-to-Face Sales Meetings Playbook

Congratulations, you've landed a first time face-to-face appointment with a new prospect.  Now it's up to you to keep the momentum going and truly differentiate yourself.  But how?  Check out our Face-to-Face Meeting playbook and learn how to prepare, open, run and close sales meetings like the top performers do.

IT Staffing Objection Rebuttal Book

IT Staffing Objection Rebuttal Book

Getting lots of objections and not sure how to handle them? Menemsha's Sales Objection Rebuttal Book addresses all of the most common objections faced by sales professionals in the IT staffing industry. Download our rebuttal book and learn the best rebuttals to all of the common objections you face everyday.

Eight Sales Strategies for Selling During a Recession

Eight Sales Strategies for Selling during a Recession

  • Learn 8 sales strategies for selling IT staffing during a recession
  • Get specific examples on how to qualify during a recession & avoid wasting your time on window shoppers
  • Learn how & why you must use case studies to sell
The Current State of Selling IT Staffing Services

The Current State of Selling IT Staffing Services

  • Gain insight on what factors are impacting the IT staffing industry
  • Learn how and why you must evolve in order to survive in today's competitive environment
  • Understand how you can take an active role in preventing industry commoditization
Identifying Real Job Orders Part1

Identifying Real Job Orders: Part 1

Read how Bullhorn interviews Dan Fisher, Founder & Owner of Menemsha Group on best practices for uncovering and qualifying job orders and hiring managers.

Identifying Real Job Orders Part 2

Identifying Real Job Orders: Part 2

Read Part Two of the interview between Bullhorn and Dan Fisher. Dan shares ideas on how to best leverage technology to improve productivity and create sales opportunities for uncovering job orders.

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