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If you’re considering sales and recruiter enablement, you’ll want some ROI statistics to justify your investment.

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With Menemsha Group's sales and recruiter enablement solution, you can expect to experience a significant ROI with your sales reps, recruiters and managers.


Do any of the following characterize your new hire onboarding:

  • Slow time-to-productivity with new hires?

  • High washout out rates with new hires?

  • Information dump with dated, static documents?

  • Shadow training?

Fill out the form to the right and we will share our ideas, strategies and best practices for you to adopt and incorporate into your existing onboarding program. We will also give you an unbiased assessment of your training and onboarding process, empowering you with a clear path to knowing what you need to do to accelerate new hire time to quota attainment. Just as importantly, we will share with you how the fastest growing staffing companies are training and onboarding their employees.

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