Menemsha Group Training ROI Calculator

If you’re considering a sales or recruiting improvement initiative, you’ll want some ROI statistics to justify your investment.


What ROI can you expect to see from our sales and recruiter training programs?

Menemsha Group has helped hundreds of IT staffing companies achieve a quick and positive ROI. Many different factors can come into play when calculating training ROI. We’ve solved this issue by building a training ROI calculator based on data gathered from training thousands of IT staffing sales and recruiting professionals. Simply input the number of participants you wish to enroll, the revenue value, gross profit value of your average contract placement, and the average number of contract placements made by a first year sales rep. Our calculator will do the rest!

Our calculator will do the rest!

Please provide this information:

Number of participants enrolled in the training program:
Average annual contract revenue:
Average annual contract gross profit:
Avg number closed deals first year representative:

Results you could obtain by training your sales and recruiters:

Increase number of closed deals:
Increase in revenue:
Increase in gross profit:

With Menemsha Group sales and recruiter training, you can expect to experience a significant ROI with your first year sales reps, and see improvement with your experienced reps.

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