Manager Enablement Training

We enable managers with a structured, six-step coaching methodology including coaching skills and coaching tools. Managers learn what to coach and how to coach.


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Why Invest in Manager Enablement?

Because managers are responsible for executing your go-to-customer and go-to-candidate strategies, they must be enabled with the skills, knowledge, and tools to coach their people. Coaching reinforces behavior and skill adoption and ensures the ROI of your enablement programs.

What’s Your Opportunity?


Coaching is a force multiplier


Coaching shapes how recruiters think & behave


Teams with formal coaching achieve 91% quota attainment


Increase profitability without increasing labor costs

Our Coaching Methodology

Managers are taught to follow a repeatable coaching methodology in which they empower their people to self-discover and self-assess ways for changing behaviors, overcoming skill and knowledge gaps, and elevating performance.



Coaching Skills

Managers are enabled with coaching communication skills and how to apply them within the context of a coaching conversation.


What to Coach

Coaching focuses on developing competencies including skills, behaviors, and knowledge. Managers are taught how to apply the communication skills and coach to competencies (not manage activity) within the context of a candidate or customer conversation.

How to Coach

Managers learn how to establish coaching expectations, effectively open a coaching dialogue, probe for perceptions and needs, uncover and overcome obstacles, co-create solutions, and gain agreement and commitment on next steps and corrective action. The result is a team that is self-empowered that takes ownership and responsibility for their own actions and results.


Manager Enablement Training Content Library

Our manager enablement coaching content library spans 31 lessons including dozens of micro-learning training videos, 50+ quiz questions, 15 pre-built manager-subordinate experiential learning role play exercises and coaching tools, playbooks, and templates designed to support managers in adopting the coaching methodology.


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Industry-Specific Content Fuels Enablement

Menemsha Group elevates customer and candidate conversations. Our IT staffing training solutions enable sellers and recruiters with industry-specific content. We teach sellers and recruiters What to Know, What to Do, What to Say, and What to Show.

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Is Manager Enablement Training Right For You?

Your management hierarchy from the top down must be enabled to consistently “coach the coaches.”  The target audience for manager enablement training includes:

VPs and Directors:

VPs must consistently coach their Directors, and Directors must consistently coach their Managers ensuring continuity, accountability, and improving overall coaching effectiveness.

Sales and Recruiting Managers:

They’re responsible for ensuring go-to-customer and go-to-candidate strategies are executed effectively. They must be enabled with the coaching skills and tools for their people to succeed and scale revenue growth.


Some organizations have mentoring programs and/or peer-to-peer coaching, in which case these individuals benefit from manager enablement training.

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