IT Staffing firms outsource their new hire onboarding and training to Menemsha Group to accelerate time to quota attainment & improve sales & recruiting effectiveness of their tenured employees.

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Training Grounded In The Real World

Over the past decade one thing has dramatically changed for IT staffing recruiters and sales professionals: Candidate’s and buyers are more empowered. Converting prospects into paying customers and candidates into billable consultants requires staffing professionals to do more than just pitch and present facts. They must be able to lead insightful, engaging candidate and client conversations. That’s where Menemsha Group comes in. We put the knowledge and messaging sellers and recruiters need in the palm of their hand, enabling them to seize the moment every time.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Menemsha Group’s sales enablement solutions serves IT recruiters and sellers with the skills, knowledge and messaging playbooks they need to advance each conversation and opportunity down the funnel. For IT staffing firms seeking to accelerate time to quota attainment and boost sales & recruiting effectiveness, Menemsha Group provides the quickest and easiest path. With our methodologies, training, technology and coaching your teams have what they need to seal the deal every time.

How to gain a competitive advantage with Menemsha Group training

Learn the secrets behind the Menemsha Group IT staffing sales & recruiting training methods, tools and process that creates winning sales teams.

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Menemsha Group At A Glance

Years Combined IT Staffing Leadership Experience
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What ROI can I expect?

With Menemsha Group sales and recruiter training, you can expect to experience a significant ROI with your first year sales reps, and see improvement with your experienced reps.

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Leadership Team


Dan Fisher

Founder & Managing Director

Phone: (857) 264-0821
LinkedIn: Dan Fisher


Kate Bulter

Principal Consultant

Phone: (301) 775-4104
LinkedIn: Kate Butler


Dave Keirsted

Principal Consultant

Phone: (857) 264-0821
LinkedIn: Dave Keirsted

Companies just like yours have accelerated growth and improved sales performance with Menemsha Group

Suzy Schmidt

We’ve hired Menemsha Group multiple times to work with our new Client Managers on outside sales training and development. I'm very pleased with their work. They have put a lot of effort into their product and I would highly recommend them for the quality and value.

- Manager Talent Acquisition & Development, MDI Group

David Teitleman

We've been working with the Menemsha Group and using their sales tools and methodology, and we have seen a big improvement in the performance of our sales team. The scripts, email & voice mail templates and rebuttals are spot on and the one-on-one coaching has been invaluable. Their knowledge of how to sell in the IT staffing industry is second to none.

- Dave Teitelman, CEO, Softworld, Inc

Chris Cable

Menemsha Group is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in I.T. Staffing. They have a proven training process and methodology that yields results. I encourage anyone that needs or wants to grow their staffing book of business to connect with Menemsha Group.

- Vice President, RPO, GDH Consulting

Matt Suari

We had no way to consistently on-board & train our new hires, as a result time to quota attainment was too long. By using the Menemsha Group training our new hires have been able to quickly ramp up and sell at the same aptitude as our tenured reps.

- CEO and Founder, Wimmer Solutions


Join our Team

If you're a curious, self-driven person who gets excited about solving challenging problems, we want you on the Menemsha Group team! Menemsha Group is a rapidly growing sales enablement company focused on helping IT staffing companies accelerate growth. Our technology platform, methodologies, tools and playbooks provide our clients with the quickest and easiest way for new hire onboarding and time to quota attainment.

Our culture is relaxed and fun while each team member is highly motivated, self-driven and customer-oriented. We are all about continual learning and generating great results for our clients. If you have a passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve success and you’re looking for a place to excel professionally and see the results of your work – Menemsha Group might be the right place for you. Apply for one of our open positions today!

Careers at Menemsha

+-Sales Coordinator

Become a Sales Coordinator for Menemsha Group-The Leader in Sales Enablement Solutions for the IT Staffing Industry

Menemsha Group is looking for an experienced Sales Customer Success Coordinator to join our team. This position requires residency in greater Boston area.

The Sales Customer Success Coordinator role is all about supporting our customers and helping our sales team do what they do best...find and engage decision-makers we can help through our sales enablement solutions including recruiter training, sales training and developmental coaching training program. The top candidate will have a sales mindset with a strong sense of curiosity and thirst for continuous learning and personal growth. They will also be focused on finding ways to help make the sales team more efficient and effective and support and service our customers more effectively.

The right person for this role will be comfortable communicating with prospects and customers both on the phone and via email. A polished interpersonal approach is key, and strong writing skills are essential.

  • Keep the sales team organized
  • Serve as point of contact for clients when they can’t reach a salesperson
  • Handle incoming customer phone calls
  • Schedule demos for sales team
  • Research competitors and provide competitive analysis on a regular basis
  • CRM help and maintenance (Hubspot)
  • Run reports
  • Provide support for sales team with webinars, e-blasts and other prospecting and lead nurturing efforts
  • Serve as backup for the salesperson when they are on PTO or unavailable
  • Assist sales in scheduling travel when necessary

Ideal Qualities/Characteristics:

  • People-oriented – warm, friendly, approachable
  • Attentive to detail and organized
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Able to multi-task and to prioritize
  • Proficient computer and software skills, specifically Microsoft Office
  • Team player attitude
  • Ability to think creatively
  • Proactive
  • Problem Solver
+-Business Development Manager

Become a Business Development Manager for Menemsha Group-The Leader in Sales Enablement Solutions for the IT Staffing Industry

Menemsha Group is looking for an experienced Business Development Manager to join our team. This position requires residency in greater Boston area.

Business development is absolutely, 100% critical to the success of our business. Sitting at the intersection of sales and marketing, the business development manager has the important task of understanding our message, tenaciously finding as many companies that experience the problems that we resolve, and aggressively emblazoning that message into the core of their brains.  If you’re driven to succeed, feel comfortable being held accountable to results, and yearn to be trained and coached by top performing sales professionals for the leading provider of sales enablement solutions to the IT staffing industry read on.

What We’re Looking For….and Why

  • You’re at least 1 year out of your higher-education, having had business experience in sales, and/or a customer-facing role because you learn a lot of operational basics in that first year, and you have the opportunity to not just make mistakes, but learn, grow and move on to tougher assignments.

  •  You a fire in your belly and off-the-hook motivation and creativity to successfully reach prospects and create conversations because it’s very hard to connect these days and, once you do, clients expect a memorable conversation. This means knowledge, creativity, comfort, and risk-taking.

  • You are comfortable with using technology solutions to accomplish your work effectively because you’ll spend a lot of time in our CRM (Hubspot)

  • You’re insanely competitive because success in this role depends entirely on your ability to hit numbers and get results.