About Our IT Staffing Sales Training Solution

At Menemsha Group, our mission is to solve the most daunting challenge impeding the growth of staffing and recruiting firms: Making winning sales and recruiting behaviors repeatable and scalable.


What Makes Us a Sales and Recruiter Enablement Leader

We’re leading the revenue enablement revolution by empowering staffing and recruiting firms with the capability and capacity to make revenue growth repeatable, scalable, and predictable.  

We’re obsessively passionate about making an impact for our customers and thrive on coaching, mentoring, and advocating for staffing and recruiting industry professionals. It’s our expertise. It’s what makes us happy.


Our Vision

To elevate the perception of the staffing and recruiting industry by advancing the careers of industry professionals and increasing their value to the business — including the candidates and customers they serve.


Our Story

Our founder, Dan Fisher spent thirteen years working in the IT staffing and professional services industry as a Recruiter, Salesperson, Branch Manager, Regional Director, and National Sales Director.  This is where Dan discovered his passion and aptitude for training, coaching, and developing recruiters, sellers, and front-line managers.

In 2008, while vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard (Menemsha), Dan decided to take the leap of faith by going out on his own working as a consultant and coach. For the next nine years, Dan consulted with over 300 staffing and recruiting firms across North America where he coached recruiters, sales reps, front-line managers, and owners. He facilitated strategic planning sessions, company retreats, workshops, and kickoff events and helped customers enter new markets, launch new service offerings, and select, design, and deploy CRM and ATS applications.   

Dan’s “aha moment” came when he realized that most staffing firms neglect to take full advantage of modern learning practices and technology and struggle to make sales and recruiter onboarding efficient and effective. From the insight he gained working with hundreds of customers, he pivoted Menemsha Group into what it is today, a holistic, turn-key, revenue enablement solution.


Our Core Values


The Golden Rule

Treat others as you would want to be treated. There is a reason why it is called the golden rule.


Commitment to Our Craft

Our work has the power to change people’s lives. As such, we seek perpetual personal growth and possess uncompromising standards.


Better Questions Lead to Bigger Ideas

Leading a revolution requires digging deeper and asking better questions.


Take Ownership & Act

Step up and own it. Period.


Looking for IT Staffing Training Solutions?

Our proven IT staffing sales methodology training is supported through sales playbooks that teach sales reps what to know, do, and say. Book a demo and see if Menemsha Group’s sales and recruiter enablement is right for you!


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Menemsha Group Results


Avg. Increase Revenue by Reps/Recruiters


Avg. Increase in GP Generated by Reps/Recruiters


Avg. Increase in Overall Sales Win Rates (sales reps)


Y-O-Y Increase in Average Seller Capability


Increase In Overall Team Quota Attainment


Reduction in New Hire Time to Quota Attainment


Client Growth Successes


INSPYR Solutions Evolves from LMS to Sales Readiness Platform, Equips Leaders with Analytics to Track and Measure Learner Competency, Improve Field Results

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Applied Resource Group Takes Training & Onboarding Virtual, Adopts Video and AI-Powered Coaching to Enable Remote Sales Team

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GDH Consulting

GDH Invests in Teaching Front Line Managers to Lead Change, Skills & Behavior Coaching, Cultivates Coaching Culture 

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