Innovative Enablement Platform & Modern Learning Methods

An innovative enablement platform integrated with modern learning methods makes it easy to replicate and scale winning behaviors across your organization.


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Sales and Recruiter Enablement Integrated into a Single Innovative Platform

Staffing leaders trust our data-driven, AI-powered revenue enablement platform for onboarding, training, coaching, continuous reinforcement, content management, and conversation intelligence. Our solution forges a culture of sales and recruiting excellence.

MG_001_GRA -- Sales and Recruiter Enablement Integrated

Our revenue enablement solution encompasses three integrated elements:

Industry-specific playbooks for reps and recruiters, and coaching tools for leaders

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Industry leaders trust our data-driven platform to scale winning behaviors

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Professional services for strategic deployment and rapid ROI

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Unleash the Power of Our Sales & Recruiter Enablement Platform

Sick of generic “training events” that focus on time to completion instead of results?  Change your approach with Menemsha Group’s enablement platform.

Set performance goals, educate your team, create a coaching culture, track field performance, and deliver personalized enablement programs that improve long-term performance. Our platform provides:

  • Onboarding
  • Personalized Training
  • Continuous Learning
  • Mobile Deployment
  • Skills Certification
  • AI Insights and Feedback
  • Analytics and Dashboards
  • Data-Driven Coaching
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Automated Reinforcement
  • Content Management

Accelerate New Hire Onboarding & Time to Quota Attainment 

Predictably onboard and ramp new hires 50% faster with our industry-proven content, training, coaching, experiential learning, and assessments. Track and measure onboarding effectiveness with our data analytics and make onboarding a unique capability and differentiator for your organization.

MG_001_GRA--Accelerate New Hire Onboarding




Personalized Training. Measurable Impact.

Menemsha Group’s enablement platform and learning methods improves engagement and long term retention using a scientifically proven approach to learning. Scale your onboarding, training, coaching, and enablement programs and map skill development to business outcomes.


Create a Culture of Excellence with Continuous Learning.

Learning and development doesn’t end with onboarding. Enablement is consistent, continuous, and ongoing. Without continuous learning, teams forget 80% of their training within days. Continuous learning is the difference between deals won and deals that could have been.


Identify Real-Time Skill, Knowledge Gaps

With our recruiter readiness index, you're a click away from knowing where to take your training next.


Stop Skill Erosion, Knowledge Decay

Use advanced gamification, microlearning, automated notifications and spaced reinforcements to retain and reinforce skills and knowledge. Make continuous learning part of your culture.


Asynchronous, Peer to Peer Learning

Enable reps, recruiters to learn from anywhere, anytime. Assign challenges to drive teamwork, and knowledge sharing and boost your training ROI.


Just in Time Content

Enable your reps and recruiters to apply the tools, playbooks and training by making content quick and easy to access.


MG_001_GRA--Adaptive, Automated Spaced Reinforcement


Adaptive, Automated Spaced Reinforcement

Adaptive, automated spaced reinforcement gives leaders a way to reinforce a body of knowledge in bite-sized pieces over time without overloading learners. Learners receive fun, gamified exercises on an ongoing basis to:

  • Bridge knowledge gaps with an intelligent and adaptive reinforcement system
  • Drive engagement and winning behaviors with advanced gamification 
  • Deliver insights on proficiency improvement over time across competencies

Mobile Deployment

Deliver a modern onboarding, training, and coaching experience by putting training content where your employees live and work: their mobile device.

An elegant web and mobile interface delivers an engaging training experience and unifies all training content into one easy to adopt platform designed to achieve rapid ROI.

MG_001_GRA Custom Website Graphics__Mobile-Deployment


Raise Your Standards with Skills Certification

It’s never been easier to design and implement recruiter and sales skill certification programs. With our enablement platform, you’ll have all the tools you need to design and deliver your program, solidify your message, and maintain buy-in from your reps and recruiters. With skill certification standards, you’ll enable your reps and recruiters with the confidence they need to win.

MG_001_GRA --Raise Your Standards with Skills Certification



Initiate video and text-based experiential learning exercises to assess learner retention and adoption.


Apply quantitative and qualitative competency assessments and AI analysis to measure, score, and certify sales, recruiter, and management readiness across your organization.

Capture, Replicate, & Scale:

Capture what good looks and sounds like from top performers and share it across your entire organization to replicate and scale winning behaviors.


AI Insights and Feedback

Instant, automated AI feedback accelerates improvement and provides relevant coaching guidance. Our AI insights give you the power to:

  • Compare learner messaging against peers and quantitative certification criteria
  • Execute keywords analysis
  • Analyze speech pace and filler word usage
  • Conduct a linguistic analysis to detect confidence, anxiety, optimism, pessimism, and formal and informal tonality



MG_001_GRA -- Replicate and Scale Winning Behaviors


Replicate and Scale Winning Behaviors

Conversational Intelligence (Call AI) software captures your customer and candidate interactions, transcribes what was said, and delivers insights to help your team make improvements.  Find and replicate winning behaviors across your organization.

  • Automatically capture, analyze, and score candidate and customer interactions
  • Leverage AI-insights to identify buying signals, red flags, topics, themes, and deal risks
  • Review interactions and base forecasts on real evidence from conversation intelligence

Measure Learner Comprehension and Address Skill and Knowledge Gaps

The most in-depth insights into adoption and engagement

Visualize your most important metrics in new ways with sales & recruiter enablement analytics.

  • Track which teams or reps lag in program completion and help managers influence adoption rates
  • Understand which programs and content pieces get more engagement – and why
  • Learn where recruiters need more help and get them relevant reinforcements or content 

MG_001_GRA--Measure Learner Comprehension__#2

MG_001_GRA--Measure Learner Comprehension__#1

Enablement analytics help you understand learning as it happens

Measure your reps' and recruiter's comprehension of and address skill, knowledge gaps.

  • Assess performance at the program or individual level
  • Identify the questions or challenges where reps need improvement
  • Evaluate role-play and real-world performance with AI

Enable Managers with Coaching Tools 

Enable managers with coaching templates and video-enabled, AI-powered coaching tools to improve coaching effectiveness and foster skill development. Increase the consistency and quality of coaching, drive message consistency, and facilitate practice. Track and measure coaching effectiveness.

MG_001_GRA --Enable Managers with Coaching Tools

MG_001_GRA--Create a Data-Driven Coaching Culture


Create a Data-Driven Coaching Culture

Quickly identify and diagnose skill and knowledge gaps before they impact performance with our scorecards. Hold managers accountable to consistently engaging in one-on-ones and team coaching with automated coaching activities, notifications, tips, tracking, and scorecards.


Conversational Intelligence: Correlating Enablement with Field Results

Get complete visibility into customer and candidate conversations to discover how your training, content, and talk tracks are being implemented in the field and correlate it with results. 

  • Build personalized training and coaching curriculum based on demonstrated skill and knowledge gaps
  • Compare teams and recruiters with the winning behaviors of your top performers


MG_001_GRA--Content Management


Content Management

Your sales, recruiting, and enablement teams need a single, searchable location for your valuable content assets. Use our content management system within our enablement platform to manage your content efficiently, and quickly notify your teams of any updates – making the right content easy to find for the right people at the right time.

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Industry-Specific Content Fuels Enablement

Menemsha Group elevates customer and candidate conversations. Our IT staffing training solutions enable sellers and recruiters with industry-specific content. We teach sellers and recruiters What to Know, What to Do, What to Say, and What to Show.

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