Our Approach to Training IT Staffing Professionals

Our approach combines the sales and recruiter process, methodology, and assets with the most effective training platform that ramps up your new hires faster and coaches them more effectively than your competition.


The Reality with IT Staffing Onboarding and Training Programs

The Problem

  • Information Dump: Focus is on speed to completion, not skills and knowledge mastery
  • Wrong Sequence: Onboarding & training content sequence orients sales reps and recruiters to go into broadcast pitch mode
  • Low Learner Engagement: Training delivered via shadow training, static documents, inability to scale & deliver consistent training experience, and produce consistent results
  • No Metrics: No means for measuring when a new hire is “conversation ready”
  • Coaching: Little to no involvement from front-line managers to model and reinforce desired behaviors

The Solution

  • Experiential Training
  • Advanced Tools and Methodologies
  • Messaging Playbooks
  • Pre-Built IT Staffing Specific Role Play Scenarios
  • Adoption and Reinforcement Through Automate Coaching
  • SaaS Based Sales Enablement Platform Empowering Mobile, Video, Microlearning, Gamification, Sales Readiness Analytics

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is “more time doing, less time being lectured.”

With Menemsha training learners spend over 70% of their time actively participating in exercises applying the skills and concepts. Menemsha Group has created and delivers training that incorporates industry and role specific content, and engages learners through experiential learning and video, and reinforces and supports behavioral change through reinforcement coaching. The goal is not time to training completion, but skills mastery.

Experiential Training Approach

Training is broken up into micro-learning training modules including short 3-5-minute training videos. The exercises are individual or group activities focused on understanding and interacting with the concept.

Our missions and role plays requires learners to apply and execute the methodology in the real world, everyday staffing scenarios.


IT Staffing Specific Messaging Playbooks

Messaging are the words used for leading insightful and productive candidate and customer conversations. Our IT staffing sales & recruiter playbooks provide structure, sequencing and messaging, as well as content and tools for training your people and are made accessible through our SaaS based learning platform. We teach recruiters and reps:


Knowledge Training

  • Buyer Personas
  • Competitor insight
  • Trends & Best Practices
  • Buyer Journey

Sales Process

  • Buyer Purchasing Process
  • Sales Process Conversion
  • Compel the Clients
  • Verifiable Outcomes


  • Customer Success Stories
  • Customer Success Stories
  • Fresh Ideas and Insights
  • Discovery Questions

IT Staffing Specific Sales & Recruiter Role Play Scenarios

In the competitive IT staffing industry, every candidate and every opportunity counts, which is why we have created the perfect content to empower sales reps and recruiters to make the most of every customer and candidate conversation. Below are a few samples of the sales and recruiter specific role play scenarios we’ve built for learners to practice their customer and candidate conversations:

User Adoption & Reinforcement

Sustaining change including skill mastery starts with mapping out what your sales and recruiting team can expect from their managers, including how they will be measured, supported and coached on what they learned in training. Below are the components of user adoption plan:

Coach the Coaches: Coaching your managers via weekly/monthly follow-up coach calls to assess progress, ensure managers are modeling and reinforcing desired behaviors

Sales Rep/Recruiter Coaching: Coaching your sales reps and recruiters to reinforce the newly defined behaviors taught in training ensuring they “stay on message”

User Adoption & Reinforcement Plan: Provide managers with a user adoption plan highlighting the specific tasks and events, content and cadence that occur during and after the training.

Quarterly/Semi-Annual Reinforcement Workshops: Host sales & recruiter training webinars and workshops to reinforce best practices and advance skills and knowledge.


Menemsha Group delivers all your sales training needs on one platform!

Discover how our cloud based sales training platform will transform the way you on-board and prepare your sales reps for battle.