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We Have Launched a New Website and Here is Why

I’m so excited to announce that Menemsha Group has launched a new website.  This has been in the works for weeks, so a special thanks goes out to the amazing design team over at bluleadz.com!Menemsha Group revenue enablement

I’m so, so, very excited about this launch because our new website finally articulates the full scope of the functionality of our enablement platform.  You can now go to one website page and see all the capabilities of our innovative enablement platform including our content management, experiential learning skills certification and mobile deployment capabilities (yes, we have a mobile app for learners to consume content and participate in onboarding, training, coaching and reinforcement exercises).

Don’t forget to check out our platform integration partners!

With the launch of our new website, you will also discover how we are utilizing innovative technology to enable staffing and recruiting firms with personalized onboarding, training and coaching, and continuous learning including automated spaced reinforcement to overcome the forgetting curve and drive learner retention.  Finally, and perhaps most exciting of all, we have a section that highlights our most intriguing innovation yet, conversational intelligence software including AI insights and AI driven coaching capabilities. 

Why We've Launched a New Website

We launched our new website for two reasons. First, we launched our new website to make more information available for our website visitors, including our customers and prospective customers, or those considering an online onboarding and training platform, training content and/or professional services . Our objective is to enable visitors to get at least 90% of their questions answered through our website vs. having to engage a salesperson.  While we love speaking with new, prospective customers (and want to speak with them), we also recognize that most prefer to do their own research on their own time in order to draw their own conclusions and help them decide IF they even want to speak with a salesperson. Research and experience tells us that most buyers prefer to not engage a salesperson until they have done this initial research.  In a nutshell, our goal is to create a better buying experience for our customers.  Having said that, we have created plenty of opportunities (CTA’s) for website visitors to schedule a free consultation with us.

Most important of all, we launched our new website to announce to the world that Menemsha Group has pivoted from a provider of traditional sales and recruiter training events (workshops, webinars, kickoff events), to a holistic, turn-key revenue enablement  solution.  We are leading the revenue enablement revolution for the staffing and recruiting industry.

We still come on site and host training events for our customers but the difference now is our workshops, webinars, company retreats and kickoff events are all components that contribute to, and support the overall enablement solution. The training events we host and facilitate all must align with and support each customer’s enablement strategy as well as their GTM strategy.  We no no longer host tactical, “one-off” or “stand-alone” training events. They’re a waste of time and money.

By pivoting the business model, Menemsha Group is enabling staffing and recruiting firms with the capability and capacity to make winning behaviors repeatable and scalable, and revenue growth predictable.  Our platform, our teaching and learning methods, and our services and content all have an outcome-oriented  design in which the objective is to increase predictable sales results. You can’t do this with traditional training. 

Making recruiters and sellers more productive, enhancing knowledge, optimizing skill proficiency, accelerating new hire time-to-quota attainment, enabling managers to coach and develop talent, increasing GP per rep/recruiter, increasing overall team quota attainment, and effectively ramping up new hires all require a new approach.

Like Blockbuster Video, the days of “one-off” training events g are a thing of the past.  They take too long, are too expensive and they fail to move the revenue needle

So I invite you to take a tour of our new website to learn about the full scope and capability of our offerings and discover the difference between revenue enablement and traditional training. They couldn’t be more different.

To learn more about enablement, check out our eBook, The Staffing Leaders Guide to Sales (and Recruiter) Enablement

Staffing Leader's Guide to Sales Enablement

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