IT Sales and Technical Recruiter Training

Training solutions for IT staffing companies addressing the needs of sales, recruiting and management to improve effectiveness and bottom line results.

Sales Training

Proven IT staffing sales methodology training supported through sales playbooks teaches sales reps what to know, what to do and what to say. LEARN MORE

Recruiter Training

Proven IT recruiter training methodology encompassing the full candidate lifecycle supported through playbooks teaches IT recruiters what to know, what to do and what to say. LEARN MORE

Management Training

Reposition the role of your managers from reactive problem solver to strategic, proactive coach with our developmental coaching framework and teach your manager’s an effective coaching cadence and coaching best practices. LEARN MORE


Value to your organization

Faster ramp up time/time to productivity
Increase in profitability per rep/recruiter
Rapidly scale growth by replicating top performing behaviors
Reduce new-hire wash-out and increase employee retention

Tools & tips to improve top line efficiency and performance

Making Successful Sales Onboarding Repeatable and Predictable

A guide for helping leaders learn how to accelerate time to quota attainment and scale revenue growth

The Staffing Leaders Guide to Sales Enablement

A roadmap for L&D leaders to enable sales & recruiting teams and be recognized as a strategic partner making revenue impacting outcomes

How Menemsha Group Implements Sales Enablement Programs 

Discover our strategy for achieving timely business outcomes and financial returns 

Companies just like yours have accelerated growth and improved sales performance with Menemsha Group

Matt Suari

We had no way to consistently on-board & train our new hires, as a result time to quota attainment was too long.  By using the Menemsha Group training our new hires have been able to quickly ramp up and sell at the same aptitude as our tenured reps

- CEO and Founder, Wimmer Solutions

Jason Clayton

Menemsha Group really knows the IT staffing industry and has created content and tools customized for IT staffing companies. I have put my team through Menemsha Group and found it to be very effective! I would highly recommend Menemsha Group for your sales training needs!

- Vice President Prudent Technologies & President TechServe Alliance Dallas Chapter

Chris Cable

Menemsha Group is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in I.T. Staffing. They have a proven training process and methodology that yields results. I encourage anyone that needs or wants to grow their staffing book of business to connect with Menemsha Group

Vice President, RPO, GDH Consulting

Paul Taylor

With Menemsha Group we now have a consistent and systematic on-boarding program in which we can measure learner engagement and comprehension. This has made coaching for our managers easier and because their content and role play missions are rooted in real world IT staffing context, our recruiters and reps are better prepared to execute critical candidate and customer conversations.

- CEO, Solving IT

Lyle Staub

Menemsha Group’s recruiting methodology, job aids and playbooks have had a tremendous impact on our day to day activities. Their training content will force you to rethink conventional recruiting strategy and remind you that it is all about the candidate and their delivery platform will accelerate your new hire on-boarding time to productivity.

- Founder & Owner, Selectek, Inc.

David Teitleman

We've been working with the Menemsha Group and using their sales tools and methodology, and we have seen a big improvement in the performance of our sales team. The scripts, email & voice mail templates and rebuttals are spot on and the one-on-one coaching has been invaluable. Their knowledge of how to sell in the IT staffing industry is second to none.

- CEO Softworld

Suzy Schmidt

We’ve hired Menemsha Group multiple times to work with our new Client Managers on outside sales training and development. I'm very pleased with their work. They have put a lot of effort into their product and I would highly recommend them for the quality and value.

Manager Talent Acquisition & Development, MDI Group

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Menemsha Group delivers all your sales training needs on one platform!

Discover how our cloud based sales training platform will transform the way you on-board and prepare your sales reps for battle.