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How the Fastest Growing IT Staffing Firms Get Their Sales Methodologies


The majority of the fastest growing IT staffing companies use a sales methodology. And the majority of those firms built their sales methodology from them the ground up . But you don’t have to do that because the hard work has already been done for you.

There are countless sales methodologies out there, ripe for the taking. Everyone, it seems, has their own opinion on the most effective ways to move a customer from one step in the sales process to the next . For an IT staffing firm, it’s simply a matter of finding the one that’s the best fit for your company.  So if you’re shopping around for a sales methodology for your IT staffing firm, here are your two major options.

1. Legacy Sales Methodologies

There are a number of well-known and widely-practiced “general purpose” sales methodologies on the market. You may have heard of some of them: SPIN Selling, Solution Selling, the Challenger Sale.

These approaches all have their strengths and weaknesses, but here’s their biggest weakness: They tend to focus on only one aspect of selling or one stage of the sales cycle rather than the end-to-end sales process (complete buyer journey). Second, they’re mostly designed for companies that are selling multi-million dollar solutions. Does that sound like your typical deal size and what you sell? Probably not which makes much of their sales methodology meaningless for IT staffing firms.  Instead, you need a sales methodology designed specifically for selling IT staffing services.

2. A Sales Methodology for IT Staffing 

We could debate the merits of the various sales methodologies all day long. But what it comes down to is not really a question of what sales methodology is the best. The real question is, what sales methodology works best for your company and how your buyers buy your services.

In the IT staffing industry, that would be a sales methodology designed specifically to sell technical or IT staffing and professional services.  It just so happens that we have created such a sales methodology so you don’t have to.

At Menemsha Group, we have designed a sales methodology exclusively for selling IT staffing services. It's working for thousands of IT staffing sales professionals today.  It's proven.  You can learn all about how I created our sales methodology but one of the biggest advantages of our sales methodology is not only is it designed for selling IT staffing services but it's proven to work for hundreds of different staffing firms. That makes the Menemsha Group sales methodology repeatable and scalable. 

Because of our experience, we have a perspective that has enabled us to create an effective sales methodology that works for anyone selling IT staffing services in a customer-facing role — rookie or veteran — who wants to demonstrate value to their customers and truly differentiate from the thousands of other IT staffing firms.

Our Sales Methodology: An Overview

Our sales methodology is designed to minimize customer objections, uncover customer needs, and build value for the customer while providing insights into how buying decisions are made. For your sales team, it will provide genuine skill development in a variety of areas, along with a platform for making permanent changes in sales behaviors.

The Menemsha Group sales methodology accounts for the following:

  • Lead qualification
  • Lead nurturing
  • Running face to face sales meetings
  • Insight selling
  • Discovery questions for uncovering latent pain vs. admitted Pain
  • Building buyer persona specific value propositions
  • Objection handling
  • Opportunity qualification and management
  • Account planning and development
  • Sales performance management (Sales metrics)

Find out how our sales methodology helps IT staffing firms like yours scale in our ebookSales Training That Sticks: 3 Ways Menemsha Group Helps IT Staffing Firms Train Better, Sell Better, and Grow.” For more general information about how a sales methodology works and why IT staffing firms need them, click below to find your answers in “Sales Methodology 101 for IT Staffing Firms: Your 6 Big Questions Answered.”

Download Sales Methodology 101


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