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How to make your sales training stick.
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Sales Training That Sticks

Many IT staffing companies lack a serious sales training program.

And when they do have a training program, they have a hard time getting the methodologies adopted and consistently used by all their reps.

Sales training matters. If you hire a rep, and they don't get up to speed and start closing deals, you have a problem: you need to find a new rep. The cost of replacing a new rep, based on Aberdeen Group research, is $29,000 and seven months.

How do you create an effective sales training program, that has 100%, long-term adoption, that helps your reps (new and old) close more deals, faster? Menemsha Group has helped 300+ IT staffing firms, and we've learned a thing or three.

So we wrote an eBook for you: Sales Training That Sticks: 3 Ways Menemsha Group Helps IT Staffing Firms Train Better, Sell More, and Grow. You'll learn the following things, and more:

  • The two main reasons that 85% of 300+ Menemsha clients struggle to close deals.
  • The methodologies that Menemsha Group uses to build effective sales training that sticks.
  • About change management theory, and how it can help you.
  • Key metrics you need to track to understand if your sales training is working.

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