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Four Ways Conversation Intelligence Helps Staffing & Recruiting Leaders Accelerate Growth

As a staffing leader it’s critical that you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovative technologies that improve sales performance and accelerate revenue growth.  Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has altered the modern sales floor, aka, “the pit.”  Most sales and recruiting teams have vacated their desks and swapped the office for home, leaving leaders in the dark about what their salespeople and recruiters are saying and doing in their customer and candidate conversations.

The good news is there is a solution designed to support staffing and recruiting leaders to get visibility into their team’s performance without having to attend a rep ride, participate in live sales calls or candidate interviews, or listen to hours of audio/video recorded conversations. And you don’t even have to be on the sales floor! The tool I’m referring to is conversation intelligence.  

Conversation Intelligence is software that analyzes your customer and candidatefour ways conversation intelligence helps staffing and recruiting leaders accelerate growth conversations to provide data-driven insights. Conversations are recorded, stored, and analyzed at scale. 

When it comes to identifying and understanding customer and candidate behavior including their pain points, concerns, motivations, perceptions, and other factors that influence their decision-making process, conversation intelligence software is hands-down the best tool. Conversation Intelligence software is also the only tool that can tell you if your people are selling and recruiting the way you’ve trained them.

Equally important is sales and recruiter coaching. At best, coaching is difficult and time consuming. Conversation Intelligence software gives you analytics and detailed insights to making coaching quicker and easier.  

With Call AI from Menemsha Group, real world customer and candidate calls can be shared and commented on amongst team members. This promotes peer-to-peer learning, and enables staffing and recruiting teams, most of which lack training content, to use real customer and candidate calls as their training content. Call recordings can even be integrated into your CRM and transcribed for download. Say goodbye to manual documentation; which reps and recruiters loathe!

Four Ways Conversation Intelligence Helps Staffing & Recruiting Leaders

  1. Capture and store all customer and candidate conversations. Get detailed insights into each stage of your sales cycle and your recruitment cycle. Calls can be cataloged and shared by meeting type, opportunity or topic and quickly and easily retrieved. Enablement and training training teams can share call snippets for team members to learn from and replicate winning behaviors. AI can make training and coaching recommendations based on the results and outcome of each call.
  2. Call AI recordings give you full visibility into how your sellers and recruiters execute each stage of your sales and recruiting process. This includes cold calls, phone screens, discovery calls, candidate interviews, interview feedback calls, negotiations and more.
  3. Conversation Intelligence gives time back to managers.  Managers no longer have to attend every call or meeting. With theme and timeline analysis capabilities, managers can quickly jump to the most relevant “teaching moments” within a call and create time-stamped coaching notes or leave comments by tagging people and asking for their help on the deal or seeking feedback on the call.
  4. Share and replicate winning behaviors. By sharing conversations from your performers who demonstrate winning behaviors, you can make success repeatable, at scale, making success (and revenue growth) predictable. 

How does Conversation Intelligence software differ from call recording or call tracking software?

Both conversation intelligence software and call recording software will record your calls and allow you to share your recordings with others. The difference with Conversation Intelligence software is it will quantify how effective or ineffective your reps and recruiters against a set of criteria that you create. Call scores are also based on:

  • What they talk about
  • How they talk (tonality)
  • How much time they spend talking vs. listening
  • Number of conversation themes (qualify, discovery, negotiation) discussedSpeech articulation
  • Speech pace
  • Usage of filler words
  • Number of questions asked
  • Number of questions received

Conversation Intelligence analytics is what empowers staffing leaders to coach skills and competencies, not activity. You can’t get this insight or engage in this level of coaching from call recording or call tracking software.

While the Covid-19 pandemic and working remotely has altered the traditional sales floor, it doesn’t mean you have to lose visibility into what your reps and recruiters are saying and doing. With conversation intelligence software you can still see and hear what your best recruiters and reps are doing and share that knowledge with the rest of your team.  Click here to learn more about Call AI from Menemsha Group.

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