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Introducing Menemsha Group’s Conversation Intelligence Coaching Solution

Staffing industry sales teams have a messaging problem.  They’re not engaging buyers. 

Research from Gartner Group shows 84% of buyers say sales reps don’t effectively convey value when meeting virtually. The research goes on to show that salespeople fail toMenemsha Group Conversation Intelligence Sales Coaching Solution personalize their message, talk too much, and deliver their pitch too early and too often.

With virtual selling here to stay, addressing these skill and knowledge gaps is vital. If you don’t, your sales reps won’t hit their sales quota, revenue will be lost, sales team performance will suffer, and your company will struggle—and perhaps even fail.

And it’s no longer acceptable for sales managers to sit back and just tell their reps “you need to increase your sales activity.” That is not a solution.

Sales managers who fail to identify and address the root cause issues hindering sales performance limit their sales teams potential.  Without visibility into what your salespeople say and do in front of the customer and a coaching framework to improve their skills, your only hope for improving sales productivity (not performance) is by telling your sales reps to do more activity.  And that is how you push salespeople out the door.

But IT staffing sales managers are crazy busy! Heck, they’re just one person and they have their own book of business to manage and deals to close, plus managing several sales reps, all of whom need personalized coaching. 

The question is, how can IT staffing sales managers quickly and easily:

  1. See and hear what their sales reps are doing and saying on their sales calls?
  2. See and hear why customers are failing to engage with their reps?
  3. Get insight into where reps are falling short and why it happens?
  4. Coach and develop reps who are located in different, virtual locations?
The Answer is Conversation Intelligence (Call AI)
Menemsha Group’s Call AI is the only conversation intelligence solution where you can identify and fix real-world sales behaviors that are preventing your salespeople from winning. Call AI collects data across each aspect of a sales call (introduction, discovery, intelligent positioning, etc.) and your entire sales cycle – all in one place, giving sales leaders the unique ability to identify the specific sales skills, sales knowledge and sales messaging gaps and create personalized coaching plans. 

Conversation Intelligence (Call AI) is a Sales Managers Wingman
According to research from McKinsey, over 85% of B2B sales interactions happen on the phone or within web conferencing platforms, making it impossible for sales managers to shadow every sales call. While sales managers may be able to save some deals, they won’t be able to save all of them.  And they certainly can’t identify, diagnose and address the root cause issues that put the opportunity at risk in the first place.

Call AI joins each call as a silent attendee, recording, transcribing and mining customer conversations for critical insights that drive improvements. 

How Conversation Intelligence Works
Unlike point solutions, Menemsha Group enables staffing and recruiting organizations to influence selling skills before, during and after customer interactions. With Conversation Intelligence from Menemsha Group, sales managers can physically see and hear and track and measure if their sales reps are selling the way they’ve been trained to sell.

With actionable insights into a seller’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement, sales managers can create targeted coaching plans to:
  1. Improve the rep’s performance across each segment of a sales call
  2. Improve the rep’s performance across each stage of the sales cycle
  3. Deliver better outcomes across the team, region or organization 
Menemsha Group’s Call AI solution quantifies individual and team competency strengths and weaknesses based on real-world interactions. With core capabilities like call recording and AI-based insights, Call AI empowers sales leaders and sellers to understand why deals are lost, what to do about it and where to find the guidance or content to help them improve.

Call Recording: Call AI automatically captures and transcribes calls and web conferences using AI-driven analysis to deliver actionable intelligence about customer-seller interactions. Sales reps and sales managers can relive the highs and lows within every conversation through search and timeline analysis, identify theMenemsha Group Conversation Intelligence Sales Coaching Solution prevailing conversation topics and themes and score calls based on best practices. Managers can then use this data to create a personalized coaching plan designed to bridge the skill, knowledge and messaging gaps and maximize sales effectiveness.

Actionable Insights: Call AI will automatically prescribe follow-up training, coaching and practice focused on maximizing the impact of every sales interaction. Custom guidelines are delivered to front-line managers so they can focus on both current deals and the skills that will help them improve future outcomes. 

Replicate Your Top Performers: With Call AI you can incorporate teachable moments from real-life, customer conversations into your sales enablement programs, providing detailed evidence that demonstrates how to maximize the impact of every selling situation. Call AI enables your reps including your top performers to organically create your sales training content for you. Simply share call snippets with your teams to watch and learn from.

Call-Sharing and Collaboration: Share key moments (call snippets) for team feedback, public consumption or as best practices, using timestamps and comments for detailed feedback and asynchronous, idea-sharing and coaching conversations.

CRM Integration: Automatically map interactions to CRM contacts, leads, accounts and opportunities, providing deeper insight into the buyer’s journey and correlating the impact of live interactions on revenue outcomes. Asking and expecting sales reps to document their conversations in your CRM is a thing of the past!

Close The Loop on Your Sales Enablement Programs with Call AI
Conversation Intelligence from Menemsha Group closes the loop on your sales enablement programs including sales training, sales coaching and reinforcement. With Call AI you can see and hear if your sales reps are selling the way they have been trained to sell. By leveraging Call AI analytics, you empower your sales managers to coach to the skills, competencies and messaging to certify your reps are “conversation ready.” 

Call AI powers a continuous cycle of analysis, skill development, coaching and assessment, giving sales leaders actionable insights into why deals are won or lost and how to better prepare sellers and teams to succeed.

To learn more about Menemsha Group's Conversational Intelligence Solution, Click Here.

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