INSPYR Solutions Evolves from LMS to Sales Readiness Platform, Equipping Leaders with Analytics to Track, Measure Learner Competency and Improve Field Results


About INSPYR Solutions

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL with four additional branch offices located in the southeastern United States, INSPYR Solutions has been a trusted technology solutions firm since 2002. As an information technology partner, INSPYR Solutions provides proven talent through their IT staffing, professional services, and infrastructure solutions.


Growth Objectives and Vision for Success

  • Move up-market & transition from existing LMS platform to sales readiness platform to equip leaders and managers with analytics that enable them to  identify and diagnose skill and knowledge gaps and track and measure learner competency 
  • Access to highly engaging, staffing industry specific sales and recruiter training content
  • Ability to integrate, author and publish all training programs and content and third party applications including email, Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • Accelerate new hire onboarding and reduce onboarding costs ( live instructor led classroom training was no longer cost effective or scalable) 
  • Build a learning culture that fosters peer to learning with employee generated content to replicate top performing behaviors across the organization


The Menemsha Group Solution

  • Replace classroom training with online training via the Menemsha Group sales enablement platform 
  • Replace legacy training content (ppt decks and static documents) by licensing Menemsha Group sales training content including 300+ animated videos, playbooks, exercises and the mobile app
  • Deploy gamification and certifications across all learning modules to drive learner engagement and knowledge retention
  • Enroll team members in missions to certify salespeople are “conversation ready” and drive predictable performance
  • Enable salespeople to practice email, text and social media messaging via missions to improve response rates



  • Significant cost savings by conducting new hire onboarding and continuous learning virtually 
  • Time to onboard reduced significantly (more than 50% reduction)
  • Learners can access engaging content from anywhere, anytime
  • 100% participation by sales teams
  • Universal accolades and endorsements from the field
  • Leadership buy-in and engagement
  • L&D is equipped with the ability to create, run and manage sales enablement programs at scale and deliver all content efficiently and effectively