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Your New Hires Completed On-boarding, But Can They Execute?

When a new sales new hire or new recruiter joins your staffing firm, their success is primarily dependent upon on whether or not you nail the first 30 days of sales onboarding.  As I have discussed in past blog posts, there are numerous sales your new hire completed on-boarding but can they execute?onboarding mistakes to avoid, and there is a right way and wrong to organize your new hire onboarding training orientation.

In this blog post, your new hires completed on-boarding training, but can they execute, I'm going to share with you how to make sure your sales new hires can execute and perform once they complete new hire onboarding. 

New hire on-boarding or sales on-boarding is not about how quickly a rep can complete the training, but about how quickly the rep can internalize, master and execute the skills. Training completion means nothing if your new hire can't execute.  Follow these tips to ensure your new hires can execute post new hire onboarding.

Use Quizzes & Certification Exams to Ensure New Hires Can Execute

Use Quizzes & Certification Exams to Ensure New Hires Can ExecuteUsing quizzes, assessments, certifications and leader boards throughout new hire on-boarding can help determine if your sales new hires have learned the material.  Quiz scores and certification exams will give you insight into how engaged your new hires are with their new role, new company, your training material and of course, desire to being successful. Quizzes and certification exams will also give you instant feedback on whether or not they are comprehending the skills and knowledge you're teaching.

Use Engaging Training Content That Engages Learners, Drives Adoption

Creating and deploying engaging training content that captures the mind’s and attention of recruiters and salespeople is a common challenge all IT staffing companies face. Most firms rely on full-day boot camps offering lecture, Powerpoint presentations and other static content for new hires to read.  The problem with this approach is twofold; Information overload, and the format of the content doesn't lend itself to drive learner engagement. 

We live in the age of video and YouTube. If you want to perfect your golf swing, learn how to build a shed for your backyard or change the oil in your car where do you go? You search for how-to videos on YouTube. Your new hires including your recruiters and salespeople are no different. Your employees prefer and your millennials expect to consume training and learn something new by watching a video over reading documents, emails or blogs. By creating videos you make your training content far more persuasive which not only makes the training more engaging but it drives adoption.

By creating IT staffing sales and recruiting training videos that incorporate animation, and interactive learning you're able to address a variety of different learning styles including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, all of which work perfectly on smartphones. Use of video training also supports micro-learning (small bite size videos) in which your learners can quickly and easily learn what they need while on the go (in the field).

Leverage Automated Role Play 

Immediately following new hire-on-boarding your sales new hires and recruiter new hires need to be able to engage in meaningful conversations in order to win. To do so, automated sales role playthey need to feel confident and prepared and prospects and candidates need the confidence in knowing that every sales rep and recruiter is “conversation ready.” Leveraging automated role play gives IT staffing firms the most effective way for certifying their reps and recruiters messaging is consistent and on point. 

Practice, Rehearse & Certify: Sales reps and recruiters can participate in online automated video role play in which they’re tasked with navigating dozens of everyday, real world IT staffing sales/recruiting scenarios in which they must audio and video record themselves executing a customer or candidate conversation while apply skills and knowledge they learned in order to properly execute the conversation.  

Reinforce Skill Mastery: Managers and subject matter experts can provide quantitative and qualitative feedback to reinforce and drive adoption of what has been taught ensuring skills mastery and training ROI. This is how you certify your new hires are "conversation ready." 

Commitment to Sustaining Skills, Knowledge, Behaviors

Finally, the direct supervisor of the new hire and the training team must commit to sustaining and reinforcing what was taught in new hire on-boarding.  “Sustain” activities often feel like extra work because sales managers are so busy, getting them to take ownership and doing the necessary groundwork required to sustain the skills, knowledge and behaviors is difficult. But these supporting activities lead to application which lead to habits which lead to results. You’ll need an action plan for ensuring your new hires can execute post new hire-onboarding and that your new hire on-boarding program meets your ROI expectations. Your plan to sustain should be organized into three areas: coaching, reinforcement training, and content.


Only when you have incorporated engaging training content including video training,  certifications and assessments that test for learner engagement and comprehension, role play exercises in which the manager provides quantitative and qualitative feedback and a plan to sustain, reinforce and support your new hires in adopting the skills, knowledge and behaviors you have taught can you be assured they will be able to execute post new hire-onboarding.

Poor or ineffective new hire on-boarding on the other hand will cost your company a significant amount of money in the form of lost productivity and wasted time, opportunity costs and lost deals. Download your personal copy of the eBook about accelerating new hire onboarding and learn how can you break this vicious cycle and onboard recruiters and salespeople in a way that actually works.

Download Blueprint for Accelerating New Hire Onboarding


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