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The Difference Between Conversation Intelligence and Call Recording Software

Meet Rob. Rob is a sales rep at High Tech Staffing, a rapidly growing IT staffing firm. Every day he makes what feels like a thousand sales prospecting calls. He thinks he is leaving good voicemail messages and having productive conversations with his customers and prospects.  But the reality is, Rob is making very few placements, and adding even fewer new deals to his pipeline.  Rob is frustrated because he has no idea what he is doing wrong.   

His sales manager tells him to listen to his sales call recordings. Makes sense, kind of. Because there are so many call recordings to choose from, Rob doesn’t know where to start. And he wonders how he is supposed to find time to listen to hours of sales call recordings when he already has 50 more sales calls queued up to make the following day.  Not only is it time consuming to listen to, and analyze each recording, but how does he know what to listen for?  Analyzing sales calls is a skill in and of itself. You need to consistently analyze sales calls over a period of time in order to identify, diagnose and learn from your mistakes.

Rob is stuck.

Enter Conversation Intelligence

It’s a new week and Rob now has conversation intelligence software. With just a few clicks, and within a few minutes , Rob can analyze all of his sales call recordings fromconversation intelligence the previous week.  By reviewing his call score and call insights, he quickly discovers that he is failing to demonstrate empathy, and he needs to improve his questioning skills. 

That is the power of Conversation Intelligence.

What is Conversation Intelligence (Call AI)?

Conversation intelligence software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to record, transcribe, and analyze customer and candidate calls, enabling sellers, recruiters and staffing leaders to quickly identify and diagnose skill, knowledge, and communication gaps, deal execution obstacles, and examples of good or bad talk tracks. Unlike call recording software, Conversation intelligence enables you with actionable insights to improve sales and recruiting effectiveness to close more deals.

Simply put, Conversation Intelligence is software that extracta insights and coaching opportunities from transcripts of customer and candidate conversations. With this tool, you get insight into what makes teams successful, understand candidate and customer sentiment and identify opportunities for improving sales and recruiter effectiveness.

Call recordings on the other hand are just that; recorded calls waiting to be listened to.  And just like Rob, nobody has the time to listen to hours of call recordings.

When enabled with artificial intelligence, your call recordings are distilled down into KPI’s that actually matter and are actionable.

Call Recording Insights

So, what exactly are these insights and where do these insights come from?  Without having to listen to the call recording, Conversation Intelligence quickly tells you: 

  • What was discussed on the call, and
  • How your team (rep or recruiter) said it

For each call recording you have quick and easy access to key insights including:

  • Talk/listen ratio
  • Number of questions asked
  • Number of questions received
  • Number of interchanges (the number of times the conversation switched between the internal and external participants).
  • Number of call themes discussed (more on this in a bit)

With the click of a button, Conversation Intelligence tells you what was discussed on the call. But that is only one capability of conversation intelligence.

Conversation Intelligence


Without having to listen to the call recording, Conversation Intelligence also quickly tells you how your rep (or recruiter) spoke. Key insights include:

  • Speech pace
  • Filler words (use of filler words)
  • Longest monologue
  • Thinking time (average time taken by a rep to respond during an interchange)
  • Text sentiment (confident, hesitant, unsure, analytical, happy)

Conversation Themes

In addition, AI also analyzes each call theme discussed during a call. Call themes are the topics that matter to your business and are essential for closing deals. For example, a common call theme for a recruiter is Pay Rate. Every recruiter must discuss pay rate with their candidates. With conversation intelligence software, the AI bot detects and extracts the degree in which a recruiter discusses pay rate and comes to an agreement on pay rate with their candidate. Other examples of recruiter call themes include candidate availability, candidate decision making process, and skill set and work experience. These are all call themes that all recruiters must discuss with their candidates to effectively interview, screen, qualify, close and make the placement.

Conversation intelligence call themes

On the sales side, Qualifying Budget is a common call theme. When qualifying a sales opportunity or job order, staffing sales professionals are trying to qualify:

  • If a budget has been approved for the position or project
  • What the approved budget is
  • Who approves the budget
  • If the funding is currently available
  • The process for securing a purchase order
  • And other relevant budget and funding information

The purpose of the AI bot is to identify, scorecard and deliver actionable insights regarding the seller’s effectiveness in discussing each call theme (in this case, budget).  With conversational intelligence software, the AI bot tells you if your recruiters and salespeople are asking the relevant qualifying questions, applying the relevant communication skills, and using the correct messaging. 

You don't get this with call recording software.

Why You Need Conversation Intelligence Software

Let’s start with time. You don’t have the time to attend every sales call or candidate interview. And you sure as heck don’t have the time nor the inclination to listen to call recordings. Staffing leaders need AI to automate the coaching process and give reps and recruiter feedback in real-time. 

When reps and recruiters swing and miss in the field, how do you know what went wrong?  How do you quickly identify the skill or knowledge gap? How can you ensure future interactions produce better results? 

Staffing leaders and enablement teams need direct visibility into field performance so they can help their reps and recruiters improve skills and win more deals.  Conversation Intelligence software delivers the answers, and the solutions, quickly and seamlessly.  And working remotely has only intensified the need for Conversation Intelligence software. 

Conversation Intelligence is an AMAZING coaching tool. Staffing leaders can review calls, call scores and key insights with their team and spread and replicate winning behaviors based on real customer/candidate calls. Staffing leaders can also: 

  • Track individual and aggregate sales performance against proven top-selling behaviors.
  • Address real-world behaviors that prevent recruiters and salespeople from winning deals.
  • Tie in skill development from individualized coaching to maximize productivity.

If you are a leader who truly believes that revenue growth is driven by professional development, including employee training and coaching, than you will love Conversation Intelligence.

Learn more about Conversation Intelligence from Menemsha Group

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