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Dan Fisher

By: Dan Fisher on May 15th, 2018

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5 Sales Enablement Tools Your Salesforce Needs Today

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Is your sales team sales conversation ready?  Before you say ‘yes’, really stop and think about it.  Are you doing everything possible to make your sales team read, enabled, mobile, and conversation ready for today's ultra-empowered buyer? 5 Sales Enablement Tools Your Salesforce Needs Today

Consider these facts:

  • It takes at least 10 months for a new sales rep to become truly productive.
  • 90% of sales reps avoid using content because it’s outdated and/or not customizable.
  • 95% of customers buy from sellers who provides relevant content at each stage of the buyer journey
  • 65% of reps can’t find content to send to their prospects.
  • Companies using sales enablement tools have cut their sales cycle by 18%.

The good news is, there are sales enablement tools to help you reverse, reduce, or remove these challenges.   The even better news? I've found 5 sales enablement tools your salesforce needs today. 


Attach provides data and insight around what happens after salespeople send content such as emails, presentations and other documents such as candidate submittals, or client proposals.  Sales and sales enablement professionals want to know, "are my prospect's opening my emails and reading the content I share? Are my prospects sharing my content with others stakeholders within the company?  You want to know if and how prospects are interacting with your content in order to figure out how to best optimize it.  Attach will give you the answers you're looking for.

Chrous Call Recording and Analytics

As a sales coach, I love this tool! Imagine having the ability to listen in on every sales and recruiter call.  With Chorus you can transcribe each call so that you and your team can identify the skills, knowledge and communication gaps taking place on calls and coach to improve effectiveness.  Just as importantly you can identity which objection rebuttals, value propositions, customer success stories and other messaging works best.  Chorus records, transcribes and analyzes sales calls to show you what your sales reps and recruiters are doing (or not doing) including how deals are won and lost. This is a perfect example of a tool that illustrates the benefits to video recorded training. 


Among other things, Datanyze monitors the web and mobile technology choices of 35M companies to help you find and reach your best prospects when they are looking to buy. By taking a snapshot of your prospects' technology choices every day, Datanyze can alert you when a key account has added or dropped a solution. In as little as 10 minutes you can create your ideal target market customer model and their predictive analytics tool will score your accounts and give you insight regarding their current and upcoming IT staffing job orders.

account planning

Your key customer accounts first and foremost must be protected and second, they need to be managed to grow to their full revenue potential. Failure to do so can result in financial ruin. Without solid account planning and metrics to measure success, it can be difficult to maximize the account revenue opportunity. Revegy helps streamline, automate, scale and monitor account management processes to provide teams with valuable insight for harnessing the full value of customer relationships across all stages of the sales process.  What I really like about Revegy is the ability to visualize that data including all the account details including your account plans and the ability to align your solutions with your customer’s goals and objectives.


65% of sales reps say they can’t find the right content to nurture prospects.  With Showpad, no more combing through hundreds of messy files in Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box to find what you need in a sales conversation. Easily search for and navigate to the most up-to-date version of the right sales asset right when you need it – even if the WiFi is down. Performance analytics will tell you exactly which content works, and which doesn’t. Live engagement tracking will give you insight into how a prospect uses content, which slide prospects view the most, and whether or not your prospect forwarded it to someone else in the organization.


Prospects are short on time these days for meeting face to face, but you still need to get all of the decision makers together in a room to build relationships and close deals.  Stop acting old school with the audio only phone calls and start hosting your sales meetings with video conference from join.me.  With it's seamless integration and ease of use, Join.me lets you take you the complexity out of scheduling meetings and conduct video conference with up to 10 people at no charge.  Join.me also lets you take your meetings on the road and host them from your mobile device.

Questions to Consider Before Implementation

Below are a few questions and considerations to keep in mind before adding any new sales enablement tools to your existing environment.

  • Does the tool fit in and support our existing sales process? Any new tool you adopt should naturally fit in with your existing sales process.  You shouldn't be re-engineering any of your processes to make the new tool fit how your salespeople sell.  Your new tool should simplify and automate your existing process and/or solve a 'pain point' your sales team is experiencing. 
  • Will this tool help us better understand our customers? Will your new sales enablement tool empower your salespeople with insightful data about your customers and how they buy? Will your new sales enablement tool empower your sales leaders or sales enablement manager with insight to more effectively coach and train the sales team? Your new tools should check the box on one of these two questions.
  • Is the tool proven and are there customers you can speak with about it's effectiveness? Any good sales enablement tool will have customer case studies and metrics that quantify the value of the tool.  Make sure you do your homework by  uncovering and understanding the specific challenges the tool solved for those customers to ensure it is the right tool for your organization and that it can deliver it's intended solution.
  • Is your sales team on board? Make sure your sales team is on board with the tool by asking them to clearly articulates the problems the tool will solve for them and how it will make them more productive. Never implement a tool for the sake of technology or because it's "cool and sexy." 
  • How will you measure adoption? Finally, before making any purchase you will want to define exactly how you will track and measure adoption of the tool. And you will  want to make sure your sales team is on board with this to ensure expectations are clear. 

What sales enablement tools are you using?  What sales enablement tools could your IT staffing sales team benefit from? Let's start a conversation in the comments section below.

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