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Three Benefits of Sales Enablement Technology


Sales enablement is a strategic approach to uniting owners, sales leaders, sales managers, salespeople, marketing and sales operations around the common goal of equipping salespeople with the right resources to sell effectively.  Sales enablement technology ensures that your salespeopleThree benefits of sales enablement technology have just what they need-tools, content, playbooks, coaching-to create a memorable and engaging customer experience across each customer touch point. Here are three benefits of sales enablement technology and how top performing sales organizations leverage SaaS based sales enablement platforms.

Ease and Availability of Sales Assets, Sales Resources

Sales enablement technology enables salespeople to work smarter, not harder. Without the right tools or with too many tools, salespeople waste precious prospecting time agonizing over:

  • What should I say to move this prospect down the funnel?
  • What should I do to move this prospect down the funnel?
  • What content can I create to articulate my message?
  • Where can I find the right content to articulate my message?
The question for staffing owners and sales leaders is, how can I give my salespeople a one-stop-shop experience to access all the resources they need, when they need them, without drowning them? Online sales and recruiter training and sales enablement technology is the answer.

With a SaaS based sales enablement platform, recruiters and sales reps have access to the latest and greatest resources, all from their laptop, mobile device, iPad, or existing CRM system.  Instead of hoping and expecting reps to sift through mountains of unstructured content residing in your CRM, ATS, Google Drive, Excel,Word, PDF or PPT files or a three-ring binder, sales enablement technology makes the latest and greatest content quickly and easily available to all sales reps and recruiters.

Sales Enablement Technology to Support Your Buyer's Journey

While your sales reps are trying to move through their sales process their prospects  are navigating their way through their buying journey.  The buyer journey varies based on the buyer persona your sales reps are selling to, the customer's industry and size of company among other factors.  As a result, the buyer's journey takes different twists and turns that a traditional, rigid sales process can’t account for.  So how can staffing owners and leaders equip their sellers with the right content, messaging and resources to guide customer's through their buyer journey creating an engaging customer experience and leading to predictable results?

A sales enablement platform makes it quick and easy to access buyer journey stage specific content and "messaging on-the-fly" for sellers. This enables sellers to be agile by sharing the right content, messaging and insights with their customers based on where the buyer resides in their buying journey.  This is how salespeople create a memorable, engaging and valuable customer experience across each touch point of the sales cycle. 

Without a sales enablement platform keeping salespeople in alignment with their customers, reps are just guessing and making assumptions about what content and messaging to put in front of their customers, often repeating the same message over and over again hoping for a different result. 

Sales Enablement Technology Improves Sharing of Tribal Knowledge, Peer Learning

Your employees have a wealth of knowledge about your products, services, customers, customer success stories, candidates and more. But how do you get all of this information out of their heads and into the hands of ALL OF YOUR SELLERS who need this insight and expertise in the field?

A sales enablement platform allows you to capture tribal knowledge from across your organization and make it accessible to salespeople when they need it.  Chances are that if one of your sales reps has a question about a customer success story, service offering or how to handle a sales objection, there are others that have the same question. 

Discussion forums by topic provide your people with direct access to SMEs, leaders, consultants and/or candidates and top performers as well as insight into questions and discussions from their peers.  Historically, tribal knowledge took place around the water cooler between a sales rep and an SME, but with a sales enablement platform  those discussions and insights are now captured in discussion forums and streamlined  for all to benefit from.

Adopting sales enablement technology also enables sales organizations to create and deliver an experiential training approach in which training modules and exercises can be created for learners to actually interact with and practice executing specific behaviors and concepts relative to real-world selling scenarios.

How are you leveraging technology to improve your sales training and sales performance? To learn more, download our eBook, the benefits of online sales training.

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