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Enabling Recruiters to Interview, Qualify Business Analysts

I'm excited to announce the launch of another technology training course for IT recruiting professionals, How to Interview, and Qualify a Business Analyst. This new offering enables recruiters with the knowledge they need to interview, screen and deliverEnabling Recruiters to Effectively Interview, Qualify Business Analysts. high performing Business Analysts (candidates) resulting in improved candidate submittal-to-interview ratios and improved fill rates.

According to research from IDC, data is growing from 45 zettabytes in 2019 to a projected 175 zettabytes by 2025. But what matters most for any business is not the volume of data but, knowing how to use to use their data.  In response, organizations have been, and continue to adopt a data-driven culture to innovate and create new products and revenue streams, gain a competitive advantage and ultimately drive organizational change.  According to a Forrester report, data-driven companies “are growing at an average of more than 30% annually.”

For these reasons, the value of a good Business Analyst (BA) is at an all time high. Recruiters and sales professionals who understand the discipline of business analysis and how to interview, screen and segment high performing Business Analysts (BA's) from average BA's will reap the rewards.

While we have seen many IT job functions such as the IT help desk, desktop support, software development and software quality assurance get outsourced over the years, business analysis continues to be a function that organizations keep in house. The reason is because business analysis and having a "data-driven culture" is too important and too strategic to outsource.

Recruiting professionals who participate in our course are taught the discipline of business analysis and the role the Business Analyst plays in identifying and articulating the need for change in how a business operates and facilitating that change. Recruiting professionals discover that the role of the Business Analyst is to operate as a change agent by defining the need for change through data analysis.

Recruiting professionals also learn how Business Analysts leverage insights from data to identify new business opportunities, better serve customers, grow revenue, improve operations and more.

For IT recruiting professionals, learning about the discipline of business analysis, the role of a Business Analyst and what it means to have a "data-driven culture" is a great introduction and launching pad into the world of IT (information technology).  It gives recruiters a solid foundation for understanding how a corporate IT department functions and how it serves the business. There is a lot for recruiters to learn without getting intimidated or overwhelmed by technology terminology. Just as importantly, the opportunity to place these individuals is massive.

Our course, How to Interview and Qualify a Business Analyst, is sixty minutes in duration and includes a final exam, as well as experiential learning exercises and job aids to support recruiters in adopting and applying the material. Participants learn:

  • The primary role and responsibilities of a Business Analyst
  • The common activities Business Analysts participate in
  • The common challenges a Business Analyst faces in their role
  • The common work artifacts created by a Business Analyst
  • The top skills and critical tools utilized by Business Analysts
  • The key interviewing questions to screen and qualify a Business Analyst

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