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Shorten Your Sales Cycle By Quickly & Objectively Ranking Your High Value Accounts

Sales Reps have a hard time deciding which accounts to call on. They don’t know when to keep pursuing an account and when to walk away. Quota King prompts the rep with objective qualification elements that tells the rep if the account is worth pursuing.  Quota King also tells the rep why the account is worth pursuing (or not pursuing) and what strategy to deploy.


Identify & Rank Order Your High Value Prospects

Quota King’s algorithm produces a scorecard that helps sales reps maximize their prospecting time by focusing on the right accounts and quickly eliminating the unqualified ones.

Give Your Reps Automated Sales Coaching

Sales Managers don’t have enough time in the day to review every single account their reps are calling on. Quota King eliminates that problem by telling the sales reps which accounts to pursue and why. This drives repeatable and desirable sales behavior.

Improved Decision Making

The account qualification  scorecard assesses key elements including overall IT consultant spend, customer pricing model, account hiring process, competitive landscape and then maps these elements against an algorithm that improves decision making by telling reps when to pursue (and how) or walk away from an account.

Find out how you can align the sales process with your customer’s purchasing process to deliver consistent sales results by using Quota King...

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