Synergy Systems Increases Gross Profit by $800K Implementing Menemsha Group Sales Methodology


About Synergy Systems

Synergy Systems, LLC was founded in 2007 to help clients in Middle Tennessee gain access to many of the area's top IT professionals.  Synergy Systems employs a bench of full-time “best of the best” consulting team who provide expert-level talent to quickly fill needs in business analysis, project management, and application development due to project spikes.


The Business Challenge

During the fall of 2013 Synergy Systems engaged Menemsha Group to help build a high performance sales culture.  Synergy Systems was hiring new employees from outside the industry as well as transitioning internal staff members who historically had been operating in an account management (farmer) role into a new business development (sales hunter) role.  Synergy Systems was looking to:

  • Implement a consistent, repeatable and scalable sales process including a sales methodology for existing and new hire employees
  • Implement a sales management system to effectively measure and manage the sales team and drive consistent results
  • Provide sales training for employees who had either no industry experience or little to no sales experience
  • Increase top line revenue and overall quota attainment amongst sales reps


The Menemsha Group Solution

Menemsha Group designed an overall sales process and sales management system and authored the sales methodology that is being used by all existing and new hire employees to learn (and drive reinforcement) of the Synergy sales process.  Menemsha Group also provided sales methodology training and reinforcement coaching for the Synergy sales team.


Business Results

Within 8 months of launching the program Synergy has experienced an increase in weekly gross profit of $16,000 and the numbers continue to rise.  More importantly, Synergy Systems now has a scalable sales process in place that provides sales reps with a road map telling them exactly what they need to do next in order to move the opportunity forward and close the deal.  Synergy can now train all of their new hires consistently (no more ineffective shadow training) which has accelerated new hire productivity.