Selectek Transforms Sales Operations, Increases Profit by 26%


About Selectek

Launched in 1991 and based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Selectek is a $12M technical engineering and manufacturing staffing firm serving the power and energy, medical device, manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical and nuclear industries.  Selectek focuses on providing technical engineering and manufacturing professionals in contract and contract to hire positions with Fortune 2000 companies through greater Atlanta.


The Business Challenge

Selectek ownership came to Menemsha Group concerned with having a succession plan in place that would increase the overall value of the company.  Selectek’s objective was to design, implement and deploy a new sales operating model that would allow the business to run at a very large scale without the owner or any one key individual having to be there to “run the company.”  Select was looking to put the infrastructure in place for the company to effectively scale.

Specific challenges faced by Selectek included:

  • Lack of a clearly defined and unified sales process
  • Low user adoption of their ATS/CRM  
  • Lack of properly designed and aligned sales metrics & compensation plans  to drive desired sales behaviors
  • No sales pipeline visibility
  • Low sales win rate (>15%)
  • “Lone wolf” sales reps following their own sales process and sales methodology
  • Lack in confidence to confidently and accurately forecast revenue


The Menemsha Group Solution

Menemsha Group began the project by conducting a sales assessment and benchmarking the effectiveness of Selectek’s sales process, sales management system and user adoption against sales best practices.  We then built a revenue roadmap highlighting Selectek’s current state and desired future state.  From there we plotted out all of the steps and activities that needed to be completed in order for Selectek to achieve their desired business goals.  Menemsha Group created, led and facilitated all change management related tasks to drive user adoption and sustain the changes being implemented.


Menemsha Group

  • Designed and implemented a scalable and repeatable sales process
  • Configured Avionte (ATS) to automate the new Selectek sales process
  • Implemented a sales metrics and sales management methodology
  • Worked with Selectek and Avionte to configure and create sales reports and dashboards for sales management and leadership
  • Designed, deployed and trained the sales team on the Menemsha Group sales methodology


Business Results

Within 12 months from launching the project Select has experienced the following benefits:

  • Revenue increased by $1.1M
  • 26% increase in overall gross profit
  • 22% increase in total billable temporary employees
  • With a new sales process and clearly defined stages to their sales cycle ownership can more effectively analyze, diagnose and rectify sales deficiencies and provide effective sales coaching 
  • Improved confidence & accuracy in revenue forecasting