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 Sales Transformation Services Overview
Your revenue road map to predictable, repeatable, sustainable growth


Looking to enter a new market or launch a new offering? Looking to change your existing model?  Perhaps you're experiencing poor, inconsistent sales results? These are all common reasons for a sales transformation initiative. The question is, how?  



Successful sales transformation starts with an in-depth customization process based upon an understanding of your unique sales culture and sales environment.  Menemsha Group accomplishes this by conducting in the field research including “rep rides” and evaluating the sales operating systems and processes you already have in place.

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Design & Build

Repeatable, predictable and sustainable growth comes when the entire salesforce is unified under one common sales operating system. Data and insight captured during Discovery are incorporated into the overall program curriculum and directly tied into the results you’re looking to accomplish.

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It’s “Go Time.” This is where the rubber meets the road and all of the work we have been doing becomes operationalized. Sales transformation begins to take shape and momentum builds as national and/or regional events, in-person workshops, online training and group coach calls are deployed.

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Sustaining Change

Leaders must treat sales transformation and any sales training as a change management initiative. A common mistake is an overemphasis on deployment and an under emphasis on the plan to sustain & reinforce the change with change management.   We have to the tools to sustain behavioral change.

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