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At the moment, your sales reps are likely throwing darts in the dark hoping one of them will hit 

Providing sales reps and managers with a proven sales process and methodology gives them a roadmap to follow and prompts them with what to do at each stage of the sales cycle… 

With Quota King, your sales reps will be prompted to execute best practices at each and every stage of the sales cycle leading to higher probability of success and increased productivity. 

Quota King drives repeatable processes that drive maximum results. Reaching your quota and scaling your business has never been so easy.

Here is how the typical sales process works:

With Quota King
Without Quota King
With Quota King
sales Sales reps can quickly identify high value accounts and avoid wasting precious prospecting time with unqualified prospects.
dashboard Sales reps receive automated sales coaching, keeping them focused on the right accounts and opportunities, easing the coaching responsibilities of sales managers.
sales-rep Intelligent call planning tools and scripts prompt sales reps for executing each stage of the sales cycle including account, contact and opportunity qualification, navigating vendor lists, lead nurturing and opportunity management, thus taking the guess work out of “who to call” and “what to say.”
framework Using the job order qualification scorecard, Quota King charts the path for sales reps to follow to improve the quality of their opportunities and increase the likelihood for closing.
sales-rep2 The intelligent call planning tools and scripts provide a proven framework for submitting and scheduling interviews, gathering client feedback, identifying all of the decision makers including their role in the decision making process, client negotiation, and objection handling and leading the customer through their purchasing process.
organizational-chart-features Sales reps gain valuable relationship insight with visual identifiers and quickly identify risk and improve their account planning process with the organizational chart features.
improve-sales-results Drive and reinforce messages and behaviors that improve sales results
improves-quality-and-speed Sales leaders and owners have a repeatable and scalable sales process which improves the quality and speed of new hire on-boarding and training
increase-gross-profit With a scalable and repeatable process, sales leaders and business owners can rapidly scale their business
sales IT staffing firms increase their overall quota attainment, shorten their sales cycle, improve win rates and increase gross profit per sales rep
Without Quota King
sales-rep-wondering Sales reps come in each morning wondering which accounts to call on and which leads and opportunities to follow up with
cant-synthesize-the-data Feeling overwhelmed with so many accounts and client profiles to analyze and call, reps can’t synthesize the data into an effective call plan, let alone execute
frustration-sales-reps Out of frustration sales reps go for the low hanging fruit by executing the most pitiful strategy of them all: searching job boards (,, etc.) for pre-defined job requirements
wrong-strategy This strategy leads reps to the HR department, the last place a sales rep wants to sell
not-to-call-on-hiring-managers The HR manager overwhelms sales reps with a myriad of objections, none of which sales reps are prepared to handle. In the end, sales reps are told not to call on hiring managers
clock-is-ticking In the best case scenario, reps get an opportunity only after they have been asked to reduce their rates or fees
commission This routine draws out the sales cycle and damages the already fragile relationship and credibility the rep has with their recruiting team
slow Lacking access to the hiring manager and other key decision maker(s), sales reps miss quota. This process repeats itself until the sales rep is let go
chart-down Because there is no consistent sales process or methodology to follow, IT staffing firms fail to effectively train and onboard new hires and therefore can't scale their business

Find out how you can align the sales process with your customer’s purchasing process to deliver consistent sales results by using Quota King...

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