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Sales Methodology & Training

Shorten your sales cycle, improve win rates, accelerate new hire ramp-up. Make money.

This happens to every IT staffing organization at some point: the organization grows, sales reps aren't adequately onboarded, there ceases to be a "playbook" that your organization uses in the sales cycle, and some day it all hits the fan. There is no (real) training, no methodology, no dedicated approach to gaining net new opportunities or capturing value from key accounts.

If that describes you, now is your chance to make today the first day of your overhaul of your sales methodology and training. 

Our proprietary sales methodology has been helping IT Staffing firms shorten their sales cycle, improve win rates, grow revenue in key accounts, accelerate new hire ramp-up and improve overall quota attainment.

If you’re looking for a scalable and repeatable sales methodology that will get your reps “selling from the same playbook,” we can help.  Our sales methodology was created by our founder, Dan Fisher who spent over 15 years actively selling and leading sales teams in the IT staffing and consulting industry. Our sales methodology is aimed at anyone-rookie or veteran-in a customer facing role selling IT staffing services who wishes to demonstrate value to their customers.

The methodology provides genuine skill development in a variety of areas along with a platform for making permanent changes in sales behaviors. The methodology is designed to minimize customer objections, uncover customer needs and build value for the customer while providing insights into how buying decisions are made.  The following highlights the depth and breadth our sales methodology.

  • Market definition (ideal target customer profile)
  • Value proposition (how to build a value proposition that quantifes the value of your offering)
  • Call planning and cold calling
  • Lead generation, qualification, scoring & conversion
  • Lead nurturing
  • Objection handling
  • Speaking the language of the buyer (buyer persona development)
  • Business acumen and how to have business oriented conversations
  • Consultative questioning
  • Opportunity qualification 
  • Opportunity management (managing the sales cycle, scheduling interviews, submitting candidates, etc)
  • Key account development (account planning)
  • Sales performance management (Sales metrics)

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Menemsha Group is the sales experts for the IT staffing industry. If you are serious about growing your organization their sales training and sales methodology is in valuable. Their sales methodology will ensure you and your sales team hit your growth goals."

- Don Catino
Co-Founder & Owner, Digital Prospectors


“Menemsha Group has in-depth knowledge and expertise in sales, sales process and the IT staffing industry. We have been working with them for years and they have been a tremendous help to our organization.”

- Connie Chiasson
EVP Sales MDI Group