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Sales Developmental Coaching Training Solutions by Menemsha Group

Transform the Role of Your Managers from Chief Problem Solver and Traditional Process Administrator to Coach

Learn the Six Step Developmental Coaching Methodology

The goal of the sales developmental coaching program is to transform the traditional role of a sales manager from being a boss to being a coach.  The sales coaching and developmental framework program has been designed to enable managers to develop the skills and strategies to get real buy in from their sales reps and to provide feedback based on behavior to elevate skills and help them take ownership.

By developing short term and long term action steps to achieve sales success, managers will develop a practical and powerful coaching strategy in which they coach and lead by asking questions vs. simply telling reps what to do.  The result is a sales team that is self-empowered and takes ownership and responsibility for their own actions thus lightening the burden of the manager and allowing him or her to focus on developing talent and driving desired sales behaviors.

Audience: Program content is suited for anyone in a managerial role including sales managers/leaders and recruiting managers/leaders

Program Objectives

Learn the Six Step Developmental Coaching Methodology

Learn how to prepare for, open and run a coaching session. Develop the skills to identify and remove obstacles (between rep & manager)

Reposition the Value of the Manager from Task Master to Coach
Create a culture that welcomes and thrives on feedback and encourages questioning

Empower Your People & Lighten the Load on Managers 
Learn how to empower your people so they take ownership and hold themselves accountable. Stop managing with the "stick" or "carrott"

Performance Job Aids & Coaching Scorecards
Access dozens of job aids, scorecards and templates to help you prepare for your coaching sessions and ask the right questions.  

Practice Coaching With Automated Virtual Role Play Video Recording
Access dozens real life Manager-Subordinate role play scenarios for managers to practice applying the coaching framework

Role Play Submission & Manager Review Wokflow 
Sales leaders and owners provide qualitative and quantative feedback on the submitted video recordings for certification


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