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 Online Sales Training


Online sales training refers to sales training that is delivered online though a cloud based sales enablement platform or learning management system (LMS).  With online sales training learners can access the training through a mobile application or web browser.  Online sales training is ideal for sales organizations with a distributed sales team in which sellers are located in different markets.  Additional advantages of online sales training include:


  • Cost Savings: Staffing firms save money in travel costs, employee time away from work (sales reps out of the field) speaker fees, hotel and accommodations
  • Time Savings: Taking less time away from an employee’s work day, as online sales training consumes to 40-60% less time than instructor led, classroom sales training
  • Allowing employees more flexibility to access training when and where they have the time to do so
  • Being particularly suited for employees who are remote, traveling, or have high turnover rates
  • Creation and deployment of personalized learning paths based on the leaders job role and function and experience level 
  • Allowing employees to pause training, reread information and test for comprehension 
  • Increasing employee retention 

These advantages are best accessed when the eLearning course is:

  • Focused on a single, accessible topic, such as sexual harassment or a software demo
  • Concise, to-the-point, and organized in small chunks to discourage scanning or skimming
  • Enhanced, but not distracted, by visuals, animations, and activities


Create Customized Learning Paths

With the an online sales enablement platform IT staffing companies can quickly and easily create customized learning paths for their learners based on their role, skill and experience level, regardless of location. Suppose you have a group of new sales reps starting and all of them need to be sales certified but some reps have several years of experience and other reps are fresh college graduates. How can you get each learner “sales conversation ready” and certified without putting them through training that bores or overwhelms them? Leverage technology that allows you to create custom learning paths for each learner based on their role in your company, their skill level and experience. This accelerates the learning process and ensures learners get the specific skills and knowledge training they need to be successful in their role.

Rich, Dynamic Content Drives Learner Adoption

We live in the age of video and YouTube. If you want to perfect your golf swing, learn how to build a shed for your backyard or change the oil in your car where do you go? You search for how-to videos on YouTube. Salespeople are no different. Your employees prefer and your millennials expect to consume training and learn something new by watching a video over reading documents, emails or blogs. By creating videos you make your training content far more persuasive which not only makes the training more engaging but it drives adoption. By creating IT staffing sales and recruiting training videos that incorporate animation, and interactive learning you can address a variety of different learning styles including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, all of which work perfectly on smartphones.  Video based training also supports microlearning (small bite size videos) in which your learners can quickly and easily learn what they need while on the go (in the field).

Another benefit that our clients have experienced from our video based training is that it drives consistent and predictable training results by delivering a consistent message for all employees, regardless of location, tenure or experience level. This has made it far easier for our clients to build a high performing sales culture. It also enables them to quickly scale their business office to office, market by market because it is now quick and easy to replicate the desired sales behaviors. If a picture is worth a thousand words then video may be worth well over a million. Studies from Psychology Today show that people process the message delivered via video 60,000 times faster than they can from reading text.

Apply Social Learning & Gamification to Your Sales Onboarding, Sales Training

We understand salespeople because we are salespeople. Salespeople are naturally competitive. It’s woven into their DNA and an intrinsic personality trait that comes into play whenever it’s time to compete. We also know that salespeople, especially millennials would rather learn from their peers by watching and hearing how their peer executes a cold call, overcomes the same objection or delivers the same message they’re trying to deliver than have their manager tell them what to do. Right, wrong or indifferent, seeing and hearing how a peer positions their value, leaves a voicemail message or executes a negotiation has more validity than when it comes from the manager. Learners of our social and gamified training platform are able to connect their intrinsic motivation to their training goals and business objectives. Not only does it make learning more exciting, but it brings out the best in your employees to compete for recognition among their peers. By tapping into their psyche, you help cultivate a more satisfied workforce and improved results. Nothing gets sales reps more engaged in training then when they can watch each other’s video recorded role plays and read the manager’s qualitative and quantitative feedback to see how they rank against their peers. Our platform also allows our clients to crowdsource and share a library of video recordings for all team members to see the best pitches, rebuttals, presentations and negotiations in which it becomes training material for all employees-rookies and veterans- to learn from. This has enabled our clients to quickly and easily replicate desired sales behaviors and scale their business. This is social learning at it’s finest.

Video Recorded Role Plays Certify “Conversation Ready” with Manager Workflow Feedback

Sales reps need to be able to engage in meaningful conversations in order to win. To do so, they need to feel confident and prepared and managers need the confidence in knowing that every sales rep is “conversation ready.”  Online sales training such as the Menemsha Group SaaS sales enablement platform gives IT staffing firms the most effective way for certifying their sales reps messaging is consistent and on point.

Practice, Rehearse & Certify: Sales reps can participate in video role play missions in which they’re tasked with navigating dozens of everyday, real world IT staffing sales scenarios in which they must audio and video record themselves executing a customer conversation while apply skills and knowledge they learned in order to properly execute the mission and receive manager certification.

Reinforce Skill Mastery: Managers and subject matter experts such as a third-party sales coach provide quantitative and qualitative feedback to reinforce and drive adoption of what has been taught ensuring skills mastery and training ROI.

Certification, Analytics & Report Cards

Staffing firms waste millions of dollars every year on sales onboarding and sales training because they lack the data analytics to track and measure the effectiveness of their sales onboarding and sales training program.  Our SaaS based sales enablement platform equips staffing managers with the ability to track and measure their sales rep's understanding of the skills and knowledge being taught. By accessing a learners report card from quizzes and submitted role play missions, manager’s eliminate the guesswork and can see which new hires are likely to succeed or fail in as little as 30 days, not three, six, nine or twelve months.

Mobile and Microlearning Enabled Platform For Busy Salespeople 

Studies indicate that retention spans continue to recede. By incorporating microlearning into your training you're able to increase and accelerate retention which accelerates new hire time to productivity. Microlearning is a way of offering training in the form of small, manageable bite-sized pieces. Participants can access quick bite size (2-5 minute tidbits) training pieces from any mobile device which accelerates knowledge adoption and retention. By making your training content including your videos and job aids available through mobile application, learners can access bite size learning content such as a case study, objection rebuttal, email or voice mail template quickly and easily while in the field or from the comfort of their home.