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On-Demand Sales Training for IT Staffing

A cloud based application to onboard & accelerate new hire ramp up. Rich user interface to engage your employees. Gamified learning, reports & analytics to tie training effectiveness to sales results. 

Empower your people


Sales Methodology

Access the sales methodology and training content of choice for IT staffing or upload your own content



Accelerate new hire ramp up to productivity and cut down onboarding time by 40% 



Sales Coaching

A well-structured workflow for coaching and individualized feedback based on data-science



Ongoing Readiness

Keep your team up to date on latest product/service features and success stories



Social & Gamified

Engaging user experience that your reps will love. Enjoy 90+% adoption




 Dowload Training Course Syllabus 


Audio/Video Virtual Role Play

Enable reps to practice objection handling, rehearse sales pitch, & practice negotiation, etc.

Role Play Submission for Manager Review

Enable sales managers to review recorded role play scenarios and provide feedback and badge certifications

Peer-to-peer feedback and collaboration

Enable the sales team to review each other sales pitches and share valuable inputs.

Sharing of best practices

Share tips and reminders to reinforce the coaching and drive behavioral change.

Accelerate time-to-productivity of new sales repsmindtickle_screenshot_lms.png

Deep insights and data science

Helps identify readiness gaps of each rep, and allows for individualized guidance.

Structured Coaching

Save manager time and tighten the feedback loop through an asynchronous online workflow.

Mobile Learning

HTML5 technology that works seamlessly on iPads and Tablets, anytime-anywhere.




lms_screenshot_pricing_pitch_analytics.pngImprove Sales Effectiveness

Sales Onboarding

Blend of online training and task-based coaching that quickly ramps up new sales reps on "what to sell" and "how to sell"

Assess & Certify Sales Readiness

10+ types of quiz formats for measuring sales rep knowledge, and for identifying learning gaps

Track & Measure

Identify top performers, and push the bell curve forward through intuitive analytics and reports.

Review & Reattempt

Learners can go back and review and download content and reset scores for reattempting classes and quizzes

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