CyberSearch Closes $1.2M in New Revenue From Retail (NON VMS) Accounts Within 30 Days


About CyberSearch

CyberSearch is a nationally focused IT staffing firm specializing in ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Security, Data Storage and Custom Application Development.  Clients include the Fortune 200 including many of the world’s most prestigious brand names.  Services offerings include contract and contract-to-hire staffing services with the primary focus on VMS and MSP customer accounts and desire to move into the retail, non VMS market.


The Business Challenge

  • Flat revenue over 24 month time period
  • Inability for sales to “break through” the revenue ceiling
  • Over 80% of revenue coming in from the senior leadership team
  • No sales management system or sales quotas in place to hold sales reps accountable
  • No sales process to identify & diagnose sales deficiencies or determine a customer’s degree of readiness to commit to a purchase
  • Inability to forecast sales revenue
  • No formal sales training or on-boarding program to train new reps (the goal was to start hiring new sales reps within 6 months from project launch)


The Menemsha Group Solution

Discovery Assessment & Sales Roadmap

Menemsha Group launched the project by conducting an on-site discovery session and gap analysis in order to deliver CyberSearch a sales revenue roadmap.  Menemsha Group conducted team interviews and surveys and observed the day to day activities by both the sales and recruiting team to understand the existing environment, culture, workflows and team dynamics.   


Design & Build Sales Management System/Bullhorn Integration

After analyzing the field observations and gap analysis Menemsha Group collaborated with CyberSearch by designing and building an overall sales operating system. The sales operating system included:

  • Sales management system including metrics and performance management plans
  • Sales KPI’s and sales quotas
  • Customized sales methodology and a sales process designed for selling IT staffing services (designed for retail, non VMS accounts)
  • Configuration of Bullhorn CRM to support and reinforce the methodology

Because the entire sales operating system was designed exclusively for selling IT staffing and accounted for marketplace realities, the solution was immediately applicable to the sales team’s daily routine.


Deliver Customized Sales Training

Menemsha Group created a customized configuration of our sales enablement platform to enable all CyberSearch sales team members to participate in and consume sales training “on-demand,” from any device, anywhere.

A fully customized sales training curriculum was designed to teach the sales team how to execute each step of the newly defined sales process.  For executing each step in the sales process the CyberSearch sales team is applying the Menemsha Group sales methodology.  The training program focuses on new account development, opportunity management and key account planning. The scope of the training content spans over 75 training videos, dozens of real-world IT staffing specific sales role plays scenarios, and exercises and dozens of reinforcement job aids and sales playbooks.


Reinforcing & Sustaining Change

To drive user adoption of the sales process and sales training to ensure CyberSearch sees its expected ROI Menemsha Group:

  • Designed sales training metrics to measure training engagement by individual user and by class
  • Designed training metrics to track competency and understanding of course curriculum
  • Designed and deployed a training schedule to maximize adoption
  • Designed training metrics that tie back to sales results
  • Designed adoption plan highlighting tasks, exercises, communications and cadence for sustaining the change up to 180 days after deployment


Business Results

The entire sales organization including sales managers and sales people are aligned under one sales process and one common sales methodology. The Menemsha Group sales methodology is a core component of the company’s sales culture and serves as the training curriculum. Every new hire experiences the same consistent training experience, is measured using the same sales training metrics and has the ability to go back and re-take any classes and download any materials whenever they wish. 

The sales team has a common language in which they communicate and the overall sales organization has improved dramatically with the introduction of the Menemsha group sales methodology and the new sales process and sales management system.  Within sixty days from launching the new sales process, sales metrics and sales methodology training program CyberSearch has:

  • Increased the number of new accounts opened by the sales team by 50% over the prior year
  • $1.2M in sales revenue from newly defined "A" level job requirements (as defined by sales methodology) from retail (non VMS) accounts in first 30 days following training
  • Improved accuracy with identifying & qualifying opportunities
  • Accelerated lead qualification and conversion
  • Improved forecast revenue accuracy
  • Closed over $900K in new revenue following the newly defined sales process and sales methodology
  • Improved adoption of Bullhorn (by integrating key elements of the sales process and methodology into Bullhorn team members can actively leverage the methodology in their daily sales workflow)