How Tricom Technical Services Creates a Coaching Culture with Menemsha Group Coaching Platform, Developmental Coaching Methodology Training 


About Tricom Technical Services

Headquartered out of Leawood, Kansas Tricom Technical Services provides IT project solutions, IT workforce vendor management services, and payroll services. TriCom also sponsors H1-B visas providing an avenue for permanent resident status. For the past eight years, TriCom has won ClearlyRated’s coveted Best of Staffing award for both Talent and Client feedback scores. In April 2019, TriCom was awarded the prestigious Champions of Business from the Kansas City Business Journal.


Growth Objectives and Vision for Success

  • Pivot culture from one characterized by “telling dependency” and “scrutiny-based feedback” in which leaders “manage out of authority,” to a culture that focuses on empowering others and thrives on feedback and questioning

  • Adopt a formal, proactive approach to coaching including structured coaching cadence

  • Equip leaders with the skills to help team members self-assess, self-diagnose and self-discover ways to improve performance 

  • Teach managers how to use data to engage team members in productive coaching conversations to self-motivate and inspire action

  • Ensure managers are coaching reps and recruiters “to the message” to drive consistent go-to market messaging

  • Enable more reps and recruiters to sell and deliver like top performers


The Menemsha Group Solution

  • Deploy Menemsha Group’s Developmental Coaching training via SaaS based sales enablement platform including animated microlearning videos, job aids, playbooks, 

  • Deploy gamification certifications and assessments across all courses to drive learner engagement, skill and knowledge retention

  • Enroll team members in video recorded role play (missions) to allow leaders to practice role-playing real-world manager-subordinate scenarios

  • Certify managers are “coaching conversation ready” via AI powered video coaching and live instructor-led coaching

  • Host live, instructor led coaching reinforcement calls



  • By applying the developmental coaching methodology, Tricom has developed a team of recruiters and salespeople who are more self-aware, self-reliant, and solve their own problems and meet profitability goals

  • Managers no longer operate as the “chief problem officer,” and have increased team productivity by 35%

  • Time: Managers have freed up an additional 25% more  time to work on high value tasks

  • Consistency: With the platform and use of video, leadership knows that everybody's singing from the same hymn sheet

  • With the asynchronous and real time coaching collaboration and notifications features, sales recruiting and management teams have improved communication and trust