Mojo Trek Modernizes Recruiter Onboarding, Adopts Video and AI Powered Coaching to Enable Recruiters  


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About Mojo Trek

Mojo Trek is redefining how companies build teams.  Founded in 2017, Mojo Trek has top-tier recruiters as well as deep experience in software development and program management to respond to the staffing and hiring needs of the world’s leading brands. Mojo Trek provides technology recruiting and staffing, talent management solutions, software development and testing and program management services.


Growth Objectives and Vision For Success

  • Free up owner and manager from being bottleneck in operation, stunting growth by spending too much time facilitating 1:1 onboarding, content creation

  • Creation of a ‘turn-key’ recruiter training and onboarding solution to rapidly train and onboard virtual and inexperienced recruiters

  • Adoption of a consistent, repeatable and scalable recruiting methodology

  • Creation of a consistent recruiter training and onboarding process ensuring continuity in new hire onboarding regardless of employee location


The Menemsha Group Solution

  • License Menemsha Group recruiter training content (150+ animated training videos, playbooks, scripts, job aids, customized recruiter use case role play experiences)

  • Team certification of skills and knowledge via video role play exercises

  • Coach and reinforce skill and knowledge retention AI-powered coaching

  • Menemsha Group led coach calls to reinforce training material and drive learner adoption 


Business Results

  • Time to market: 7 day deployment for all team members to access and begin consuming all training curriculum 

  • A structured and consistent onboarding program has improved learner engagement and onboarding quality

  • Significant cost savings by transitioning to virtual training and onboarding (freeing up time for the owner and manager to sell & recruit)

  • Visibility into learner skill and knowledge gaps enabling creation of custom learning plans, personalized coaching