Entelligence Takes Recruiter Training 100% Virtual, Improves Recruiter Conversion Rates, Recruiter Weekly GP with Menemsha Group Training Content, Sales Enablement  Platform 



About Entelligence

Since 1997, Entelligence has proudly provided mission-critical project delivery capacity for uninterrupted growth and long-term market leadership to the industry’s largest IT solution providers. Their commitment to close working partnerships and a proven approach for sustainable success is why Entelligence is Always Ready to help the world’s technology leaders to quickly deliver their most advanced IT solutions to their most important customers. 


Growth Objectives and Vision for Success

  • Improve recruiter conversion ratios including candidate-submittals-to- interviews, candidate-interviews-to-offers and offers-received-to-offers- accepted (candidate placed)

  • Grow weekly GP with existing recruiting team members 

  • Equip the recruiting team to follow a common recruiting methodology supported by the existing recruiting process and ATS

  • License relevant and engaging recruiter training content that could be seamlessly modified by the internal training department to suit their needs

  • Equip front line recruiting managers with coaching tools to help them identify and diagnose skill and knowledge gaps and provide coaching reinforcement to sustain lasting behavioral change


The Menemsha Group Solution

  • Team enrollment in Menemsha recruiting methodology training

  • Implemented 100% virtual onboarding and continuous learning program

  • Deployment of playbooks to support recruiting methodology

  • Enroll team members in video role play missions to certify recruiters are “conversation ready” and drive predictable performance

  • Enable recruiters to practice email, text and social media messaging via missions to improve response rates

  • Menemsha Group led recruiter coach calls to reinforce training material and drive adoption on behalf of learners and managers



  • 100% adoption of methodology: All recruiters are operating in unison by executing a common recruiting methodology supported by the Entelligence recruiting process and ATS

  • Candidate interview-to-offer ratio increased by 27 percentage points

  • Candidate offer-received-to-offer-accepted ratio increased by 27 percentage points

  • 2020 growth rate: 72%

  • ROI of 1,932%