EdgeRock Technology Partners Adopts Developmental Coaching Methodology, Reduces Employee Turnover, Increases Revenue Per Producer


About EdgeRock Technology Partners

Founded in 2005, EdgeRock provides clients with crucial Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) talent needed to fully optimize the value of their ERP technology investments. They provide highly qualified, independent SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft consultants to companies throughout the nation. EdgeRock's ERP focus enables it to develop lasting relationships with leading consultants in these areas, giving EdgeRock's clients unprecedented access to the highest qualified professionals in the industry. In October, 2015 CDI announced its acquisition of EdgeRock.


Growth Objectives and Vision for Success

  • Reduce sales and recruiter turnover
  • Evolve from “boiler room” management style and culture to a culture that thrives on questioning, learning and developmental coaching
  • Improve productivity and performance from existing team members
  • Eliminate over-reliance on managers for producing the bulk of revenue
  • Teach front line managers how to hold team members accountable and gain genuine buy-in from team members on corrective action steps
  • Give front line managers the skills and tools to quickly identify and diagnose skill and knowledge gaps
  • Equip managers to engage in data driven coaching and empowering others to take action
  • Build trust between team members


The Menemsha Group Solution

  • Enroll all managers in Menemsha Group Developmental Coaching program
  • Deployment of playbooks to support Developmental Coaching methodology 
  • Teach managers the difference between managing and coaching including eight critical skills applied to coaching
  • Certify EdgeRock managers could execute the six step developmental coaching conversation framework via peer to peer coaching, and AI-powered video coaching
  • Replicate top performing behaviors by enabling managers to complete video recorded role play practice to perfect their coaching skills and messaging



  • Average 68% increase in revenue production per producer 
  • Accelerated learning and adoption of new ideas (sales training, sales process)
  • Observable and verifiable behavioral change in which reps and recruiters hold themselves accountable for their own actions and results
  • Improved self-confidence among team members including managers