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Quota King is a plug-in for any CRM/ATS and is fully integrated with

Quota King runs in any browser and on all mobile devices including iPad, Android, tablets, PC/Windows and Mac.

Quota King Salesforce Integration

Rapidly Scale Your Business

Because Quota King fully integrates with your CRM/ATS you can quickly and easily scale your business. All sales reps, regardless of location are guided to follow a common sales process and share & deliver a cohesive message.

Protect Your Training Investment

Research shows between 85% and 90% of sales training has no lasting impact after 120 days. Quota King protects this investment by integrating the methodology into your CRM/ATS.  Quota King impacts the way sales reps manage their calls, accounts and opportunities ensuring training sticks long term.

Increase Quota Attainement & Improve New Hire On-Boarding

Research shows companies that follow a consistent sales process are more than twice as likely to achieve revenue targets. And with Quota King embedded into your CRM you can eliminate disparate, file based training tools and documents and improve CRM/ATS user adoption.

Find out how you can align the sales process with your customer’s purchasing process to deliver consistent sales results by using Quota King...

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