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Why Menemsha Group?

Discover. Design. Deploy. Sustain the Change

Sales Training Solutions Delivered by IT Staffing Sales Experts

Why Menemsha Group?

Menemsha Group has decades of sales and sales leadership experience within the IT staffing industry and has helped transform over 300 IT staffing firms into top-performing sales teams. We’ve taken what we’ve learned and distilled our knowledge into a 4 phase methodology for helping IT staffing firms achieve repeatable, sustainable and scalable revenue growth.

Our unique sales transformation methodology addresses a variety of challenges and opportunities facing your sales team.

Phase 1: Discover 
How does your sales organization compare to the best-in-class?

Successful sales transformation starts by gaining insight into the reality of your day-to-day operations through an in-depth customization process based upon an understanding of your unique sales culture and sales environment.  The Discovery phase helps us gain a baseline understanding of your team, marketplace, opportunities and challenges which enables us to incorporate them into your training program. Menemsha Group accomplishes this by conducting in the field research including rep rides and evaluating the sales operating systems and processes you already have in place.   We’ll then report back to you your "current state," how it compares to best-in-class teams and share with you a sales revenue road map highlighting how to optimize your selling efforts through hiring, selection, training, reinforcement and coaching. The Discovery Phase Includes:

  • Rep rides in the field with your sales team to observe behaviors and workflow
  • Interviews with ownership, executive leadership, middle management, sales and recruiting and other key stakeholders
  • CRM/ATS assessment and optimization review
  • Sales process adoption assessment 
  • staffing and hiring processes recommendations
  • Sales & recruiting metrics recommendations
  • Benchmarking the effectiveness and maturity adoption of your sales process and CRM/ATS against best practices
  • Executive debrief with recommended sales force optimization steps
  • Sales training methodology and deployment strategy 

Phase 2: Design & Build

Once you’ve identified the right mix of people, sales strategy and tactics, how do we build a customized sales training and reinforcement experience to get maximum results from your team?

A well designed sales process and sales methodology will improve sales performance for any sales professional as long as they use it. But repeatable, predictable and sustainable growth comes when the entire sales force is unified under one common sales operating system-sales process, sales methodology and sales management system.

We'll take the information gleaned from our Discover phase and combine it with executive-level input around sales organizational objectives to develop a sales transformation project plan.  We’ll integrate it with our sales methodology including our sales training course curriculum and sales metrics methodology to design a training experience that is seamless to your team’s day-to-day selling environment.

In short, we’ll help you design training curriculum that your sales team will love.

The Design Phase Includes:

  • Integration of Discover Phase findings into program curriculum
  • Target market profile (ideal customer profile) creation 
  • Value proposition creation
  • Creation of performance management & compensation plan
  • Creation of sales quotas, sales metrics and KPI’s
  • Sales lexicon definition
  • Sales funnel definition (aligned with customer purchasing process)
  • Formulation of program roll-out/introduction strategy, messaging & change management

Once commitment and full buy-in is achieved from executive leadership we physically map and configure the sales processes and key elements of the sales methodology into your CRM/ATS.

Phase 3: Deployment
How do you you maximize your training investment in the shortest amount of time? Sales training tied to, aligned and reinforced with your sales process

It’s “Go Time.” This is where the rubber meets the road and all of the work we have been doing becomes operationalized.  During the deployment phase we “go live” with the new sales processes, management system and methodology components that have been configured into your CRM/ATS application.  We begin by hosting a kickoff call for stakeholders, executive leadership and the sales team.  The goal of the kickoff call is to clearly communicate:

  • Program Goals and Objectives
    • What is changing and why
    • Sales process, methodology, management system
  • Program metrics
    • How the success of the program will be tracked & measured
  • Expectations
    • What leadership expects from the sales team
    • How the sales team can expect to be supported, coached and measured on what they learn from the sales training
  • Deployment schedule
    • Overview of methodology training content and training time line

After the initial program kick-off sales transformation begins to take shape and momentum builds as national and/or regional events, in-person workshops, online training and group coach calls are deployed.

Phase 4: Sustain & Reinforce With Change Management

Leaders should treat their sales transformation program and any sales training as a change management initiative.  A common mistake in the pursuit of sales transformation and sales training is an overemphasis on deployment and an under emphasis on the plan to sustain & reinforce the change with change management.  True sales transformation including cultural shift doesn’t happen until the people, processes and technology are in alignment and a commitment has been made requiring executive leadership and managers to coach the new processes and methodology and model the desired sales behaviors.

Ongoing reinforcement to sustain the desired sales behaviors include:

  • Quarterly workshops (on-site) 
  • Ongoing hiring and selection consulting
  • Sales Management coaching 
  • CRM/ATS configuration
  • National sales meetings

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