Discover how our Developmental Coaching training will transform the way your managers lead & coach, and cultivate a high performing culture.

Most staffing companies invest in training their recruiters and salespeople but not their managers. The reality is that front-line managers are the most significant leverage points in a staffing organization. Developmental coaching is the key lever to improving sales and recruiter effectiveness and the key is adopting a common methodology and set of tools for all managers to use.

Schedule a demo to see how our Developmental Coaching training program works including how we can:

  • Develop your front line managers into inspirational leaders who inspire stronger, more synergistic, goal-oriented sales & recruiting teams
  • Enable your leaders to achieve breakthrough results by following a six step coaching process to create an environment of continuous learning and development
  • Teach your managers the difference between managing vs. coaching including the critical role both play in developing high-performance sales and recruiting teams
  • Help  you build an organizational-wide coaching culture that drives improved results
  • Teach your managers to coach and develop their people ensuring your individual contributors continue to grow in their roles and make significant improvements to growing the business

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Companies just like yours have accelerated growth and improved sales performance with Menemsha Group

James Wright

With a consistent and repeatable coaching framework to follow our managers are proactively leading. They’re leading by asking questions which I can see is empowering our salespeople to take ownership for their own actions.

- Partner & Owner, Bridge Technical Talent

Yasmine Kavandi

Having gone through Menemsha Group's Developmental Coaching training program I now have the tools and self confidence to effectively lead difficult manager-subordinate conversations. I'm far more prepared and my people are getting value out of our 1 on 1 sessions.

- Business Strategy Manager, OS Technical