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Eliminate Transactional Sales Behavior and Empower Your Sales Reps to Sell Like a Top Performer

Quota King is embedded with intelligent call planning tools including our call methodology and our proven call scripts which empower reps to drive meaningful dialogue and create customer value throughout the sales cycle.

Quota King addresses the challenge of “how do we embed the key messages and sales processes from our training into the sales person’s day to day life?”


Instantly Demonstrate Credibility on Cold Calls

Embedded value proposition into cold call script instantly demonstrates credibility and disarms IT buyers for improved dialog. Critical qualifying questions work flow prompts reps to effectively qualify prospects, accounts and HR vendor lists.

Generate Meaningful Dialog with Embedded Call Methodology

Embedded sales call plan and discovery question work flow methodology arm reps for uncovering prospect’s “current state,” “future state,” compelling event, sense of urgency, budget and answering the question “are we a fit to work together?”

Increase Candidate Interviews and Close Rate

Take advantage of our proven playbook for presenting candidates, scheduling interviews, quickly obtaining client feedback, overcoming objections, effectively negotiating rates and closing deals.

Find out how you can align the sales process with your customer’s purchasing process to deliver consistent sales results by using Quota King...

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