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Learners License Sales Methodology

$2,220 License/Billed Monthly

An advanced training solution for staffing firms committed to adopting a company-wide sales methodology & accelerating time to quota attainment. 


Required onboarding $1,000
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Manager License

$600License/Billed Monthly




Required onboarding $500.00
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20 IT staffing specific training courses, 100+ videos
90+ quiz questions, 25+ IT staffing specific role play scenarios
Gamification & social learning with gamified learning-medals, badges & points for ensuring higher learning engagement , leaderboards
Micro learning, short 2-5 minute videos to drive retention and accelerate learning
Video recorded role plays certify learners are "conversation ready" with manager workflow feedback
Author/upload & publish own company content
Training Deployment Schedule & User Adoption Guide
Mobile Learning
Create custom learning paths based on role, experience level
Learner certification, report cards & analytics to certify reps are "conversation ready"
Online Support
Full set of sales operating metrics aligned with sales methodology
Contact Sales
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Sales process CRM/ATS configuration consult
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Change management & user adoption plan
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Missions Reviewed & Feedback Provided by Menemsha Group
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is There a Minimum Learner License Requirement?

Yes, each program (sales training, recruiter training, developmental coaching training) all require a minimum of two learner licenses. This means you will own a minimum of two learner licenses as your base rate plan for your annual contract. Two learners can go through training concurrently on a monthly basis. If you need to add learners in a given month in which you would exceed your base rate plan (such as two learners) you simply pay an over usage charge for only the month(s) in which you exceed your monthly base rate plan. You don't need to purchase additional annual contract.

How long will it take for my sales rep(s) to complete the training?

On average each course (watch the videos, download and read the job aids and exercises and complete the quizzes) takes approximately 1.5 hours and each mission will take about 20-30 minutes to complete. The training is self-paced which means your reps and recruiters can consume the training as quickly as they like.  However, we suggest learners consume the training only as fast as they can retain the knowledge and demonstrate they can execute the methodology.

We will provide you with a training schedule including a 90 day ramp up that highlights which courses to focus on each week and the daily tasks and activities the manager should focus on to support their learners through the program.

We provide access to the training for 12 months because studies show that reps lose up to 80% of what is taught in a training class within 30 days following the training. Our goal is to ensure the training sticks long term and that our methododology permeates your entire organization. We will set you up for success by providing you with a training deployment schedule and best practices as part of your onboarding.

What if a rep can execute the methodology after six months of training, can I transfer the license to another rep (or what if I have staff turnover within the 12 months)?

Yes, if you have a license available then the license can be transferred for another employee to use. For example, if you have five licenses and on month six you hire a new sales rep, you can swap out an existing employee who is currently using a license for your new sales rep. But if you were to add that new employee to your five existing employees and have six concurrent learners you would pay a monthly over usage fee for the new additional learner.

How quickly can my team start taking the training once I buy licenses?

Depending on your program(s) and number of learners, we can usually get a new customer up and running within 48-72 hours.

How much of a time committment will training require on behalf of my sales reps?

For new hires just joining your organization and going through our sales or recruiter training program as their new hire onboarding program, for their first 90 days, they should plan on spending 1-3 hours in "training time" (watching videos, reading job aids, taking quizzes, recording their role plays) per day. The other 8+ hours per day will be spent practicing what is taught in the training program and that includes creating real call plans, rehearsing objection rebuttals, and making real, live sales calls, participating in live role play and other tasks that we will share with you in our training schedule. Typically after 90 days the time committment slowly decreases.

For leaders participating in our developmental coaching program, it takes on average 1.5 hours to get through each module (there are 12 modules) which includes videos, job aids to download and read and quiz questions.  Many of the courses also have a call to action exercise that will take anywhere between 15 minutes and 1 hour+ to complete. The exercises get more complex and take longer the further you get into the training. 

Missions on average will take 20-30 minutes to complete, however you may record as many as you wish which takes more time. We suggest you plan on committing to a couple of hours to training each week. 

How soon before I can expect to see results from the training?

You can expect to see results within 30 days but permanently embedding our methodologies, knowledge and skills comes with ongoing reinforcement coaching. 

Do I need to buy onboarding services with the program I select?

Yes. All new Menemsha Group customers need onboarding to get started on the right foot with your training efforts. Training & onboarding new hires and existing employees is about much more than just taking some classes; it’s about transforming your business by changing behaviors in order to create your sales culture which will enable you to achieve predictable results and effectively scale your business. That’s much easier to accomplish with the personal support of our passionate sales experts and consultants.

Onboarding includes the configuration for your courses, social learning features, creation of your user adoption plan and training deployment schedule and a kickoff call with your entire team.

Can I get a trial license?

No. We don't offer trial licenses but we do offer the first seven days with a money back guarantee. If you decide you don't want the product within 7 days of activating your license(s) we will kindly refund your money.

How do I buy a license and start the training?

Just click the buy now button and fill out the form and one of our consultants will contact you to confirm the details of your order and begin the provisioning process. You can also just call us directly at (617) 398-6190.

I have junior & senior recruiters and sales reps, which does your training cater to?

We don't differentiate between "beginner" training and "advanced" training (although some training content is more complex than other material) and even top performers have weaknesses they can work on and improve. All sales reps and recruiters, regardless of experience level have to work their prospects and candidates through the sales and recruiting cycle including the candidate's and customer's selection and decision making process. Therfore all learners, junior and senior need to be trained and have a methodology to follow in order to compel their candidates and prospects to move from one stage of the funnel to the next. 

What is the value of an annual contract when it may only take 3 or 6 months to get through the training?

Studies show that it takes a new sales professional on average 381 days before they can sell at the same level and aptitude as a tenured rep. You need to grant your learners access to the training for a long enough time period in which the concepts fully permeate the learner and they adopt the methodology. Taking classes multiple times, reviewing and reattempting videos, quizzes and job aids and practicing our role play scenarios will help drive adoption and optimize skill sets. Your goal should not be "time to completion" but rather your team adopting the methodology and the methodology permeating your entire organization.

What if I decide to change plans or add additional users in the middle of a contract?

You can upgrade to a new plan at any time. You can also add users to an existing plan or new plan at any time.  Call us and we can figure a solution best for you!

Do I have to worry about you selling my email or data?

No. Your contact information and private data are yours and yours alone. They're safe with us. We'll email you about product and company updates, but you can opt out at any time. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

What about storage fees?

Nope, you don’t have to worry about storage fees. We have you covered.