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Improve Sales Win Rates With Our Job Opportunity Scorecard

Quota King’s job opportunity scorecard helps sales reps improve win rates by eliminating risk and charting a path to closure. It will objectively scorecard your opportunities and tell sales reps what steps they need to take to increase the likelihood for closing.


Eliminate “Gut Feel” Sales Forecasts

The opportunity scorecard will calculate the likelihood of each opportunites chances of closing down to the last percent.  All based on objective criteria.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate fruitless recruiting cycles on the wrong opportunities. The opportunity scorecard will ensure your recruiters are focused on the right opportunities.

Continuously Assess Your Deals With Visual Indicators

Quota King will continuously assess your deals and display a star rating system informing you what information you need from your customer in each component to increase the chance of closing the job order. This improves win rates, increases pipeline confidence and forecast reliability.

Find out how you can align your sales process with your customer’s purchasing process to deliver consistent sales results by using Quota King...

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