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The Menemsha Group Approach to Effective Sales & Recruiter Management Training

Developmental Coaching Through Self-Empowerment

When it comes to building and sustaining your sales culture, the rubber meets the road with your sales and recruiting managers. They sit between your strategy & execution.

How they coach their people, and how they hold people accountable will either make or break the performance of your sales & recruiting teams and the effectiveness of any sales/recruiting improvement, automation, or training effort.

Management Training

12 courses & over 75 quiz questions for certification

Dozens of online management-subordinate role play exercises (missions) & call to action exercises

Managers learn how to lead with with questions to gain genuine buy-in from their subordinates

Learn our "get-give" methodology and how to empower subordinates to identify & take ownership of performance obstacles

Leverage our coaching call planner to anticipate objections, ensure follow up is quantifiable and time bound


Dozens of downloadable Management playbooks including templates and performance support job aids

Audio/video virtual role play enables Managers to practice holding team members accountable, getting feedback and genuine buy-in, providing constructive criticism  and all other common manager-subordinate scenarios

Role play mission reviews enables managers (and peers) to review online role plays and benchmark scores against top performers 

Menemsha Group provides you with the training deployment schedule and will review all role play exercies (missions) to ensure you see ROI from your training investment

$250/Per Learner/Month

Includes eight 1-hour Coach Calls, Online Video Recorded Role Plays Reviewed by Menemsha Group, Access to Training Content for 12 Months

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete the training?

On average each course takes approximately 1.5 hours to get through the videos and quiz questions.  Many of the courses also have a call to action exercise that will take anywhere between 15 minutes and 1 hour+ to complete. The exercises get more complex and take longer the further you get into the training. 

Missions on average will take 20-30 minutes to complete, however you may record as many as you wish which takes more time. We suggest you plan on committing to a couple of hours to training each week. 


How quickly can my team start taking the training once I buy licenses?

Depending on your plan and number of users, we can usually get a new customer up and running within 24-72 hours

How soon before I can expect to see results from the training?

You can expect to see results immediately but permanently embedding the methodology, knowledge and techniques comes with ongoing reinforcement coaching and practice. 

Do I need to buy onboarding services with the program I select?

Yes. All new Menemsha Group customers need on- boarding services to get started on the right foot with their training efforts. Training is about much more than just taking some classes; it’s about transforming your business by changing behaviors in order to create your culture which will enable you to achieve predictable results and effectively scale your business. That’s much easier to accomplish with the personal support of our passionate leadership and developmental coaching training experts.

On-boarding includes the configuration for your learners and access to the courses,  social learning features, creation of your user adoption plan and training deployment schedule and a kickoff call with your team hosted by Menemsha Group.

What if I decide to add additional users in the middle of a contract?

You can add learners to an existing plan or new plan at any time. Call us and we can figure a solution best for you!

What about data storage fees?

Nope, you don’t have to worry about storage fees. We have you covered. All of the data that is created from your learners progressing through the training will be housed and managed on our platform and you will have access to it at any time, just so long as you have a managers license to access and review your team members training progress and report cards

Do I have to worry about you selling my email or data?

No. Your contact information and private data are yours and yours alone. They're safe with us. We'll email you about product and company updates, but you can opt out at any time. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

How do I buy a license and start the training?

Just click the buy now button and fill out the form and one of our consultants will contact you to confirm the details of your order and begin the provisioning process. You can also just call us directly at (888) 553-3083.

Can I get a trial license?

No. We don't offer trial licenses but after you pay for your first month we offer a 7 day money back guarantee. If you decide you don't want the product within 7 days of activating your license(s) we will kindly refund your money.