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Align Your Sales Process with Your Customer’s Purchasing Process

Fact: You don’t close deals based on the sales activities you complete.  You close deals based on the steps your customer completes in their purchasing process. 

To avoid delays, being “blind-sided” and flat out losing deals, sales reps need to understand how customers buy. Quota King prompts sales reps to align their sales process with the customers purchasing and avoid delays.


Identify Key Decision Making  Criteria & Stakeholders

Quickly identify the economic buyer, technical buyer, gatekeeper, nemesis, account champion and influencers and their decision making criteria and devise sales strategies to appeal to each stakeholder.

Avoid Stalled Sales Cycles, Align With Customers Purchasing Process

Quota King shows what steps your customer must complete in their purchasing process and which steps they have already completed. Sell beyond the candidate submittal and guide your customer through their purchasing process for improved win rates.

Visual Cues Offer Fast Recognition & Improve Account Planning

Quickly and easily build visual representations of  stakeholders in your accounts including their key attributes including  their role in the buying decision, reporting structure with other stakeholders & whether they’re for or against you. Quickly add new contacts with drag & drop. Data is updated in your CRM automatically.

Find out how you can align your sales process with your customer’s purchasing process to deliver consistent sales results by using Quota King...

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