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One-on-One Sales Coaching

The difference with coaching & mentoring from Menemsha Group is that you get an industry practitioner and thought leader as your mentor.  Whether it be over the phone or in-person, we will work with you side by side to tackle your toughest sales challenges.  We make real sales calls and attend live sales meetings with IT staffing sales representatives to ensure that you receive the necessary coaching and positive reinforcement that drives the RIGHT sales behavior.

All of our strategies, tactics, tips and "lessons learned" developed over the years including our own proprietary IT staffing sales methodology are personalized for you in our one-on-one sales coaching and mentoring program. Sales professionals, managers and executives can now get the personalized sales coaching and mentoring that they need to take their business and personal development to the next level.

How the Program Works

Each participant will work one-on-one with one our sales experts and industry practitioners. We will develop a program that meets your learning goals and objectives based on your current skill and experience level. Leveraging our experience and content from our proprietary sales methodology, we will personalize a coaching program designed to address and overcome your specific sales challenges. We will also use real life examples from your prospects and customers and your actual sales opportunities to do role-playing and other interactive exercises to ensure you have the skill and knowledge to overcome any sales hurdle.

Once we determine the goals and objectives, we will work with you each week (at the frequency of your choosing) to address your specific sales challenges and achieve your learning goals and objectives. This is also an ideal solution for those who have been through a workshop because it provides the consistent reinforcement that learners need in order to internalize sales best practices and ensure both ROI and long-term results.


"Dan is an expert at new business development and I feel fortunate that John Galt Staffing engaged him to train me to sell software consulting services, develop lasting customer relationships and find technical projects in this challenging economy. My gross profit has increased at an incredible rate since I began training with Dan. He is a superb mentor and constantly pushes his students out of their "comfort zone" while giving them the tools to reach new heights in their sales career. And he's a nice guy.
I highly recommend Dan to any organization looking to develop new business, increase profits and invest in the power of their sales force!”

Julie Marin, Account Executive, John Galt Staffing

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"Menemsha Group is the sales experts for the IT staffing industry.  Their sales methodology will ensure you and your sales team hit your growth goals."

Don Catino, Owner
Digital Prospectors


"Menemsha Group’s knowledge of how to sell in the IT staffing industry is second to none. We’ve seen a big improvement from using  their sales tools and methodology.”

Dave Teitelman, CEO


“Our response rate from using the IT Staffing Sales Playbook has drastically improved.   CIO’s are willing to talk with us rather than give a quick brush-off.”

Marjorie Kolkin,
VP Compass Systems & Programming
Compas Systems & Programming