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Dan Fisher

By: Dan Fisher on December 14th, 2014

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Two Must Have's for Winning Over IT Hiring Managers & Opening New Accounts

New Business Development

In case you haven’t noticed, today's IT hiring manager and corporate buyers in general are insanely busy. They have large teams to manage and responsibilities that continue to expand.  Their work load is unrelenting with deadlines to meet and projects and products to deliver.  If that were not enough, these IT hiring managers are bombarded Two must have's for winning over IT hiring managers & opening new accounts.with unsolicited interruptions, sales calls, throughout their day.  To make matters worse, they continue to hear salespeople push out their broadcast message or general marketing message where they focus on their company accolades and service offerings.  Because of these factors, when a corporate buyer hears even the slightest hint of a self-serving sales pitch, (we have the best candidates, our screening process is unique, I will be in the neighborhood and would like pop by for 15 minutes) they cut you off. 

So what can salespeople do to overcome these hurdles?  Keep reading to learn the two must have's for winning over IT hiring managers and opening new accounts.

What Your Customers Really Want

Here’s the deal, IT hiring managers could care less about your service offerings and all of the things you think make you and your company unique.  They have heard it all before from your competitors. So even if you do have a unique service offering or candidate database, it doesn’t matter because your prospect has become immune to the message. What customers truly care about is how you can impact their business, department or project.  Your prospects and customers are responsible for managing a budget. What this means is the salesperson needs to be able to articulate how their product or service will help the prospect

•    Increase revenueWin Over IT Hiring Managers & Opening New Accounts
•    Reduce costs
•    Better utilize assets or improve efficiency

In short, IT staffing sales reps need a value propositionHowever, when I ask business owners and sales leaders in the IT staffing industry what their value proposition is I usually some variation of one of the following responses:

•    “Our quality customer service”
•    “Our commitment to the client”
•    “Our ability to quickly find and deliver the right candidate”
•    “We only send 2 candidates to the client”
•    “Our relationships”

The question is, are these value propositions strong enough to open a new account? I think not because they're they’re vague and fluffy and IT staffing sales reps fail to articulate how the customer is impacted.  IT staffing sales reps need to tell the prospect if or, how they will reduce costs, increase revenues or improve efficiency.  

If you want to get IT hiring managers to call you back and if you want your prospects to take meetings with you then you need to be able to explain to them how you can solve their problems.  More importantly, you need to have a value proposition that ties the business results from your solution (using your service) to solving your client’s critical business issue or helping them achieve a goal. Most importantly, you need to quantify your value proposition.

Your New Account Acquisition CampaignNew Call-to-action 

We already know that today’s IT hiring manager is insanely busy and is bombarded with sales calls and generic marketing messages throughout their day.  And even if you have a referral from a friend who works inside the account and even if you leave the perfect voice mail message, your message is still just another unwanted interruption in your prospects day.  So how can you penetrate your prospect’s stream of consciousness and go from an unknown entity to a recognized name brand?

To open new accounts in today’s marketplace you must have an impactful value proposition as part of your new account acquisition campaign.  You can’t just expect to make a call or even a few calls without any planning and expect to open an account.  Research shows that 80% of all sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact with a prospect. Interestingly, 90% of sales people give up after the third contact. What is even more fascinating is that everyone that I run into in the IT staffing industry tells me their goal is to build long term relationships with their clients where they’re viewed and treated like a partner and not a commodity yet the reality of the sales behavior (seeing immediate transactions) would tell you otherwise.

When designing your new account acquisition campaign you should count on two things:
1.    It will take you between seven and twelve interactions before your get an opportunity to do business with the account/contact
2.    You need to leverage all communication mediums and platforms including the phone, email, text, social media, and inbound marketing to name a few

Next, and here is where a common mistake is made, you need to make the focus of your campaign on your customer’s business goals and objectives, their critical business issues and how you and your firm can make a difference.  Do NOT make the goal or focus of your campaign on getting a meeting or getting a job order.  Your client will see right through this from a mile away.  The meetings and opportunities will come and come much sooner if you focus on how you can make an impact on their business. The quickest way to inject yourself into your prospects thought process is to always be coming from a place where you’re trying to make an impact on their business.  If on the other hand you are constantly pushing for a meeting or a job order you are by definition coming from a place that is 100% self-serving in which case your prospects will tune you out.  

The Goal of Your New Account Acquisition Campaign

You’re looking to establish credibility, develop mind share and get on your prospects radar.  To accomplish this, leave out your generic marketing brochures and company swag. These things are credibility killers and feed the “commodity machine.”  Simply put, that crap is a big part of the reason why customers look at staffing firms as a commodity.  Instead you need to create sales scripts including voice mail and email scripts that incorporate your value proposition. You need to create scripts and objection rebuttals for your different buyer persona’s and you also need to create killer content and add that to your campaign tool kit. Doing this will help you build your community of followers.

As you prepare for 2015 be sure to work on establishing your value proposition and build your new account acquisition campaign.  

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