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Gerry Gadoury

By: Gerry Gadoury on November 24th, 2014

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How to Fail at Cold Calling

cold calling

Ok, I’m not saying that this is a comprehensive list, not by any means, but it is three of the things that we as salespeople can do to virtually guarantee that our sales cold calling will be BOTH miserable to execute (feel the rejection!) and fail to capture new clients. cold calling

Let’s start at the top...and have some fun (you'll see my sarcasm)

By all means, whenever you get the chance and ideally from the beginning, shove it in the face of the prospect who you are.  I mean really let them know who you are and how your recruiting team is unique.  Be sure to inform your prospect of all the awards your company has won.  All of it.   I mean, they don’t know you, how else are they going to know how your organization is unique?  Tell me if this sounds familiar, “Hello Mr. Prospect, my name is John Doe and I’m from 123 Technical staffing.  We’re an IT staffing firm based in Anytown USA and we specialize in contract, contract to hire, and permanent placement of the very best technical talent available in this market.  Do you have any needs right now?”  Hammer this message over and over. Prospects love it...and it's such a different and unique message:)

Push for the meeting on the introductory call. Take no prisoners. Don’t let that IT hiring manager off the phone without getting a commitment for a face to face meeting, You take meetings in your living room during dinner time from complete strangers off of a cold call right?  On second thought, pushing for the meeting is a sign of weakness,  PUSH HARD for that job order on the first call, the very first time you’ve spoken with this person!  Heck, why wouldn't they give you the job order? 

New Call-to-actionStill with me, Great!  If the first 2 tips haven’t tanked your campaign this 3rd one will burn some bridges!  Whatever you do, do NOT do ANY sales call planningWho has time for that?  Just pound out call after call so you can have the highest call volume in the office (because that’s the most important thing right?).  Prospects LOVE it when you call, know nothing about them, tell them all about yourself, push them for a meeting and a job order, and then ask them a bunch of questions that you could easily learn with 2-3 minutes of research on their company website and LinkedIn.

Special Bonus

You still have some life left in your campaign?  Let’s take care of that now!  Here’s the big secret.  This is KEY:  Don’t do any 2 calls the same way.  By all means do NOT follow a script.  You don’t want to sound like a robot, do you?  Make every call UNIQUE.  That will keep it interesting, won’t it?  The last thing you want is to know what you did to make the call a success. So be sure to mix it up!

There you have it!  If you follow those 3 tips (and the BONUS!) I can promise you that you will have the most futile, miserable cold call campaign that you can imagine!

Okay, I admit it.  I may have been (Slightly!) sarcastic when I wrote this blog.  These are pretty extreme, even silly, examples but who hasn’t seen this?  The article, while written tongue in cheek, is true.  If you lead your call with who you are, push and beg the prospect for a meeting or a job order too soon, waste manager’s time asking questions you should already know the answers to, and (BONUS!) make every call different by “winging” them instead of following a script you will fail.  There is no maybe here. This how you fail at cold calling.  It is as close to a guarantee as I can give you in this business.

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