Employee Training: Build vs. Buy, 10 Questions to Consider Blog Feature
Dan Fisher

By: Dan Fisher on August 2nd, 2018

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Employee Training: Build vs. Buy, 10 Questions to Consider

Employee Training

Developing, delivering and maintaining training programs can be time-consuming and costly. Knowing when to relinquish control and when not to can be an essential part of creating a skilled workforce. Whether the goal is to attract new talent, retain highly qualified employees or develop an internal path to leadership, companies looking to create educational or coaching programs can either go it alone or, like most business processes these days, outsource part or all of the training function to a third-party. There are benefits and drawback to both approaches, of course. Knowing the goals of your program will help you determine whether to rely on in-house expertise or go out-of-house to a contract training company.

If you and your staffing staffing firm are looking to implement a training program or hit the "reboot" button on your current training program, consider the following 10 questions:
  1. Is there someone in your organization who possess the skill, knowledge and expertise to script word-by-word your sales training material? Recruiter training material? This includes but may not be limited to objection rebuttals, how to open a sales meeting & cold call, how to negotiate, etc.
  2. Is there someone in your organization who has the time to script the content, create the videos, quizzes, exercises and role play scenarios?
  3. Is there someone in your organization who can physically model the desired sales and recruiting behaviors by recording themselves in front a video camera for team members to watch, analyze and then adopt those behaviors?
  4. Does someone in your organization understand microlearning best practices and possess the instructional design skills to put your training content in a format that is engaging for your learners?
  5. Does someone on your staff possess the software and skills to create and edit video role playtraining videos?
  6. Does the person creating your training material truly understand the common challenges and pain points your recruiters and salespeople face on a daily basis? If so, can they write (script) solutions for these pain points such as email and voice email templates, playbooks for opening accounts and recruiting passive candidates and rebuttals to common objections and will the sales and recruiting team buy into and commit to this person’s suggestions?
  7. Does the person creating your training material understand how to design content that aligns with each stage of your sales and recruiting process including the buyers journey?
  8. Do you have a technology platform which includes eLearning best practices such as asynchronous, mobile and microlearning and video based training? If not, is your organization ready and willing to invest in purchasing and maintaining a platform?
  9. Does someone in your organization understand change management and user adoption and do they possess real world experience with sustaining change to ensure your training sticks long-term?
  10. Do you have a mechanism for creating quizzes and certification exams to track and measure performance and gamify the learning experience? Do you have a way to build and share a library of sales best practices videos for all to learn from?

By answering these questions and taking these key points into consideration the answer to whether or not you should build or outsource your training and new hire onboarding program should be clear. 

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About Dan Fisher

Dan Fisher is founder and owner of Menemsha Group, a provider of sales enablement solutions dedicated to helping IT staffing firms improve win rates, shorten their sales cycle, and increase revenue per sales rep. Since launching Menemsha Group in 2008, Dan has consulted with over 200 IT staffing firms and has invested over 5000 hours coaching IT staffing sales reps. He’s authored is his own proprietary sales methodology and has previously spoken at Staffing World, TechServe Alliance and Bullhorn Live 2012. Prior to launching Menemsha Group, Dan spent 16 years in the IT industry running local, regional and national sales teams. Dan worked for Kelly Services, Oracle Corporation and Alliance Consulting. Dan currently resides in Boston, Ma.

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