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5 Common Attributes of Rainmakers & How to Hire Them

Learn the 5 common attributes of rainmakers and how to identify them in your interview.  Plus, learn the three variables you need to incorporate into your hiring profiling.


Download our free ebook, The Five Common Attributes of Rainmakers & How To Identify Them in Your Interview.  With our ebook you will learn

  • The 5 common attributes that are among top performing sales professionals
  • How to determine if your candidate possess each attribute in your interview process
  • How to avoid the most common hiring mistake
  • How and why you must develop your own hiring profile
Don't miss another opportunity and potentially waste thousands of dollars on a bad hire and risk damaging company morale.  Download our free ebook today.

Download 5 Common Attributes of Rainmakers & How to Hire Them

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"Dan provided Atlantic Associates recruiting and hiring leadership that has enabled us to get the right sales leadership in place to grow our business. Dan clearly understands the key attributes that make up strong sales professional. That was evident in his search and screening process and the results speak for themselves."