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Benefits of Adopting Social Learning into Your Training Program

by Dan Fisher on Nov 21, 2016 7:52:07 AM

“Social learning” has been a hot buzzword in the world of training, learning and development for several years yet many people still often ask what social learning is and often get the term confused. In this post I'm going to share with you what social learning is and how adopting social learning into your training program can provide three core benefits to not only accelerate learning but also improve employee confidence and self-esteem, all of which drive improved performance.

What is Social Learning?

Social learning is not learning through social media, but rather learning that takes place through social interactions between peers.  The term and its meaning is derived from the word ‘social’.  Humans have a need to connect with each other because we're social in nature.  When you look back at history and evolution you begin to notice that over time we have always relied on learning from each other such as sharing stories around the campfire.  

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Lessons Learned, Five Metrics to Determine ROI from Your Training Investment

by Dan Fisher on Nov 18, 2016 5:56:00 AM

I have been providing sales and recruiter training for over eight years now and one thing that had always challenged me for years was being able to quickly and easily demonstrate a return on investment for our training solutions. To be clear, return on investment (ROI) is derived from two numbers-the upfront investment in the training solution and the customer's eventual return.

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6 Tips for Selecting an Online Learning Management System (LMS)

by Dan Fisher on Nov 16, 2016 5:52:00 AM

With more and more staffing firms recognizing the benefits of online training including the need for a training solution that is scalable and can deliver a consistent training experience for all participants regardless of the location or the number of learners, many staffing owners are investing in online learning or Learning Management System (LMS).  Selecting the best Learning Management System for your organization however can be a daunting task. Just Google "LMS" and you will turn up thousands of options.

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7 Benefits of Online Learning for IT Staffing Firms

by Dan Fisher on Nov 10, 2016 6:52:28 PM

As you're probably aware, more and more educational institutions and businesses are adopting online learning. This is largely due to the increase in affordable and easy to use technology on the market and a fast growing demand for an engaging learning experience (think Millennials).  However, if your IT staffing firm has been utilizing traditional training methods (I.E. read the corporate handbook, shadow training and classroom training) than it may be daunting to even consider adopting an online training model. Just thinking about where to begin can be intimidating.  In this blog I’m going to share with you 7 benefits of online learning for IT staffing firms.   Before I dive into those benefits however I think its a good idea to first review your existing training curriculum and objectives before you can begin to think about making the transition to online training. 

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5 Tips for Assessing Your Online IT Staffing Sales Training Needs

by Dan Fisher on Nov 10, 2016 5:49:58 PM

In this blog I'm going to share with you how to effectively analyze your company's online sales training needs so that you can create an online training and development strategy that allows your organization to reap the numerous benefits and rewards of online sales training.

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4 Questions Your Employees Have About Your Online Training

by Dan Fisher on Nov 10, 2016 7:40:08 AM

When building an online training program there are a number of important elements to take into consideration. For those designing the training content and course curriculum-often instructional designers-they must understand what the content and subject matter is and what the overall course objectives are. But before you can even build the content you first must have a deep understanding of the training needs of your employees. You must also understand what your employee's expectations are of the training (what they want, desire and expect to get out of the training) and what concerns they might have about your online training program before program launch. While each employee will have their own questions and set of concerns, there are certain questions that staffing leaders and learning and development leaders must be able to answer to ensure the online training experience is effective, adopted and delivers the desired results.

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Build Your Sales Methodology around Buyer Journey, Qualification Criteria

by Dan Fisher on Nov 4, 2016 6:02:00 AM

When it comes to developing a sales methodology there are really two important elements you want to focus on.  The first is the buyer journey.  The buyer journey refers to the specific steps that your buyer completes in order to buy your product or service. For example, many IT hiring managers first discover that they have a problem that needs to be resolved (application crashes, lack of data integration, web page can't scale/load) or a goal that needs
to be achieved. As a result they research the problem and then they discover they can’t achieve the goal (or resolve the issue) with their current resources. So they start researching potential solutions by reading blogs, articles and white papers.  From there the buyer might identify a few solution providers in which case they may put out an RFI or FRP, contact the solution provider directly via phone/email (or download your white paper), pilot a solution, run a beta and/or conduct an ROI analysis before moving forward. These is are examples of the steps that could represent the buyer journey.

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To Drive Consultative Selling First Build Buyer Personas

by Dan Fisher on Nov 1, 2016 7:41:20 AM

I think we all agree that selling IT staffing services in 2016 is challenging. I mean really challenging. I could go on and on about the pricing pressure, MSP's and VMS programs, lack of qualified candidates, etc, etc. And for most, simply connecting with a buyer over the phone or through email or social selling is a like an act of god. The crazy part of the whole thing is we sell a service in an industry that has been commoditized where the BEST (and arguably the only) way to differentiate is for the salesperson to create a memorable and lasting customer experience!  Sounds like insurmountable odds huh? Fortunately I have an idea which brings me to the topic of buyer persons and why they are so critically important for today's IT staffing sales professional.

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Understanding Buyer Personas

by Dan Fisher on Oct 31, 2016 9:57:09 AM

A study conducted by Forrester Research tells us that sales professionals must tailor their message specifically to each unique buyer they interface with because corporate decision makers expect the time they spend with a sales person to be educational and valuable.  For those selling IT staffing and IT professional services you most likely call on and sell to many different buyers.  For instance, you may call on the CIO or VP of Application Development but you may also sell to the Manager of Help Desk Operations or the Software Quality Assurance Manager or the Director of the Project Management Office (PMO).  Chances are you also interface with Human Resources such as the VP or Director of HR or a Recruiter or HR Generalist.  Having said that, how can IT staffing sales professionals-especially those who never worked in a corporate IT department and/or were never trained in software engineering and/or never led a team of IT professionals-create a valuable and memorable customer experience?  

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12 Point Checklist to Select the Right IT Staffing Sales Trainer

by Dan Fisher on Oct 28, 2016 6:03:00 AM

There comes a time in every organization when choosing and implementing a sales and recruiting improvement initiative is recognized.  Whether it is implementing and operationalizing a new, enterprise-wide sales methodology, investing in skills development for existing employees, putting your new hires through an online new hire on-boarding training program or having your sales and recruiting team attend a 1/2 day or full day workshop, someone becomes responsible for making a good decision in selecting the right methodology and the right provider.  Selecting a sales training provider or a recruiter training provider can be a daunting task. After all, there are virtually thousands of providers and just as many price points from which to choose. Where does one start? Selecting the right training company depends largely on the goals and priorities of the client. Once a company begins considering resources for developing their sales and recruiting organization there are several key points that need to be considered.

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