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4 Tips For Leaving Impactful Voice Mail Messages

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Let’s face it, reaching IT hiring managers and executives over the phone these days is very difficult.  Getting them to return our phone calls is even more challenging.  One thing I do know for sure however is if you are leaving a standard broadcast message in your voice mail messages, you will never get your calls returned.  Here are four tips to keep in mind for leaving effective voice mail messages.

First, begin by making your introduction brief. State your name and company name.  Do NOT talk about what you do or your product or service offering.  This is about your prospect, not you.

Second, state something specific that you know about the company and/or prospect you are calling on.  For example, “Jim, I had just read in the wall street journal….”  Or,” Jim, after reading your 10K statement I understand that critical to meeting your growth goals is your ability to quickly integrate the companies your acquire.” The key takeaway here is your research should focus on business issues or challenges that your prospect is currently dealing with. These issues must be related to your solution offering.  In other words, your service offerings should be able to have an impact on solving the issues you uncovered from your research.  In my example above, providing IT staffing is tied to helping them grow by doing their systems integration of acquired companies.

Third, briefly reference how you have helped other customers overcome this same or similar issue.  Ideally you want to reference the customer’s name, especially if they’re in the same industry as your prospect.  This will help build your credibility.

Fourth, close with a message that sounds something like this.  “Please give me a call back and I can share in further detail how we have helped others with this issue and share some additional ideas with you on how to address this challenge.  My number is.”

Notice that we close by offering information of value. Remember the old saying, what’s in it for me?  Offer them something of value.

One word of caution.  If the business issue or challenge we mention in our voice mail message is not currently a priority for the prospect than they will probably not call us back. The best way to validate if the issue is currently a top priority is to speak with a staff member prior to making the call.  Validate your research.

Good luck! 



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Posted @ Thursday, January 03, 2013 2:39 PM by Jason
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