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Five Tips & Examples For Consultative Selling

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In my last blog, 5 Indicators That You’re a Transactional Sales Professional, I discussed some of the common characteristics and pitfalls of transactional selling.  In this article I will share with you a few ideas and examples of consultative selling.    

5 Indicators That You’re a Transactional Sales Professional

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Over the past several years we have been hearing how our industry continues to become more and more commoditized.  There are a number of reasons for this including low barriers to entry, the proliferation of the job boards and VMS systems and the rise of the CPO.  But another reason why the industry has become commoditized-one that is hardly ever mentioned-is how sales professionals in the IT staffing industry sell.  Part of the reason why the industry has become so commoditized is in large part can be attributed to the way in which sales professionals sell IT staffing services.  Below are 5 classic signs of the transactional sales professional. 

Menemsha Group 2012 Update

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Greetings and happy 2012 to all!  Hopefully you all finished the year strong and hit your annual goals. For Menemsha Group It was a crazy-busy end to 2011.  And 2012 has been no different.  That aside, we have a few updates to share with you regarding our IT staffing sales training programs and our IT staffing sales methodology.  We’re also embarking upon a new project to build out a training library where we can provide “on-demand” training.  We’re welcome your ideas and suggestions as we take on this initiative.

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