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Will Your New Hires Contribute To Your 2017 Revenue Target?

by Dan Fisher on Jan 10, 2017 8:17:34 AM

Most likely your IT staffing firm has aggressive growth plans for 2017. While many sales leaders added new sales reps in 2016 and plan to hire additional sales reps in 2017, most are still concerned.  Why? IT staffing sales leaders are concerned over how long it will take for their new sales reps to be ready and contribute to their 2017 revenue target.  

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Four Compelling Reasons For Training Your Sales Managers First

by Dan Fisher on Jan 4, 2017 9:58:03 AM

Most staffing leaders would agree that leading change and driving adoption of new skills, systems, processes and methodologies is challenging. Despite the challenges however, these same leaders also know that when done correctly the return on investment from improved sales performance can be significant.

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Predictions for Improving Sales Effectiveness in 2017

by Dan Fisher on Jan 3, 2017 2:59:05 PM

While most IT staffing firms saw revenue growth in 2016 not nearly as many experienced improvement in their sales effectiveness (the ability to close a high percentage of deals, shorten your sales cycle, increase quota attainment, etc.). According to Staffing Industry Analysts, the IT staffing market is expected to exceed $30 billion in 2017. While growth of course is a good thing, it surely will mean more competition, more barriers to entry for opening new accounts and buyer behavior will continue to evolve. To counter these challenges many organizations are making sales enablement or sales readiness a core function of their organization. According to the CSO 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study there was a 19% increase in the number of B2B companies that have implemented a sales enablement function since 2013.

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Three Steps to Maximize Your 2017 Sales Kickoff Meeting

by Dan Fisher on Dec 29, 2016 12:26:48 PM

For many IT staffing firms, the annual sales kickoff meeting is the only event where the entire sales team gets together during the year. It’s an awesome opportunity and a fun opportunity to get the year off on the right foot, but it is also a big investment beyond the upfront costs associated with travel expenses, space, entertainment, selecting a keynote speaker, dinning and lodging. The biggest cost is opportunity costs, taking sales reps out of the field (and off the phones) to attend the event. According to SAVO, the average sales kickoff meeting costs $2,000.00 per sales rep.

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Accelerate New Hire Onboarding & Scale Your Business in 2017

by Dan Fisher on Dec 21, 2016 8:16:44 AM

Building a high performing IT staffing sales team requires one to hire the right people, create a culture in which employees are empowered to make their own decisions (but still held accountable), and provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to consistently execute at a high level.

In the staffing industry these first two topics generate a ton of buzz and are always hot topics for discussion at industry conferences.  But where I see less discussion is on the topic of how to provide employees with the knowledge and skills they need to consistently execute.  Most of the staffing owners I have met over the years tend to skip over new hire on-boarding, particularly sales on-boarding.  I can’t speak on behalf of the owners but I think this happens because most owners were top performers themselves before they started their own company. As a top performer working for their employer, they were just able to figure things out on their own.  Because it was easy for many of the owners to just “figure it out,” the assumption is that their new hires (sales reps and recruiters alike) will also figure it out.  This of course is a huge mistake (a big reason why 65% of IT staffing firms are under $20M in revenue) as it takes far longer for new hires to become effective and meet quota and often leads to high turnover.

Nowhere is this more important than sales on-boarding as I covered in my six part blog series New Hire On-boarding & Training that Delivers ROI.  Investing your personal time and energy into designing your new hire on -boarding program will have huge paybacks.  First of all, who knows your customers better than you?  As the owner, you in all likelihood know your customers the best including their pain points and how to handle customer concerns and objections.  The knowledge built up over the years makes you the most qualified to build your on-boarding program.  Besides, this is how you make your business scalable, by passing on the valuable knowledge and insight that has been sitting in your brain all these years.

Getting On-boarding Right Allows the Business to Scale

Just about every IT staffing leader I have met is obsessed with growing their business. More specifically they're obsessed with figuring out how to scale their business. But I have yet to meet an owner who is obsessed (or really given it much thought) with scaling desired sales behaviors across their organization.  A big part of achieving scale and repeatable growth is having processes, systems and technology in place but another part, a bigger part, is scaling the behaviors of your employees who are driving and executing.  I’m talking about sales behaviors like:

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Driving User Adoption, Tips to Get Your Team to Adopt Change

by Dan Fisher on Dec 19, 2016 12:34:55 PM

If you feel like you're struggling to get your team to adopt your ideas, technology and/or best practices I can assure you that you're not alone. Software companies (including corporate IT departments) have long struggled to get their users to adopt and use their software (I bet you use no more than 80% of the functions on your smart phone). Sales and recruiting leaders struggle to get their team members to follow and adopt their ideas, processes and systems. The list goes on and on. The million-dollar question is, what can staffing leaders do to get their teams to buy-in and adopt their ideas including systems, technology (CRM and/or ATS), processes and methodologies?  Below are my tips to drive user adoption.

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6 Reasons For IT Staffing Firms to Adopt Gamification into Sales Training

by Dan Fisher on Nov 23, 2016 5:43:00 AM

There is a lot of buzz in the eLearning world about gamification. OK, I understand you might not be following trends and best practices for the training, learning & development industry but let me share with you how this impacts the growth of your IT staffing business.

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Benefits of Adopting Social Learning into Your Training Program

by Dan Fisher on Nov 21, 2016 7:52:07 AM

“Social learning” has been a hot buzzword in the world of training, learning and development for several years yet many people still often ask what social learning is and often get the term confused. In this post I'm going to share with you what social learning is and how adopting social learning into your training program can provide three core benefits to not only accelerate learning but also improve employee confidence and self-esteem, all of which drive improved performance.

What is Social Learning?

Social learning is not learning through social media, but rather learning that takes place through social interactions between peers.  The term and its meaning is derived from the word ‘social’.  Humans have a need to connect with each other because we're social in nature.  When you look back at history and evolution you begin to notice that over time we have always relied on learning from each other such as sharing stories around the campfire.  

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Lessons Learned, Five Metrics to Determine ROI from Your Training Investment

by Dan Fisher on Nov 18, 2016 5:56:00 AM

I have been providing sales and recruiter training for over eight years now and one thing that had always challenged me for years was being able to quickly and easily demonstrate a return on investment for our training solutions. To be clear, return on investment (ROI) is derived from two numbers-the upfront investment in the training solution and the customer's eventual return.

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6 Tips for Selecting an Online Learning Management System (LMS)

by Dan Fisher on Nov 16, 2016 5:52:00 AM

With more and more staffing firms recognizing the benefits of online training including the need for a training solution that is scalable and can deliver a consistent training experience for all participants regardless of the location or the number of learners, many staffing owners are investing in online learning or Learning Management System (LMS).  Selecting the best Learning Management System for your organization however can be a daunting task. Just Google "LMS" and you will turn up thousands of options.

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